Tuesday 22 September 2009

Priory of Brion - Beaufort 2000

priory of brion, live, beaufort theatre, robert plant, audience, 2000

Priory of Brion, live at The Beaufort Theatre, Beaufort, Wales, 11th February 2000

Priory of Brion were a small side project for ex-Led Zep frontman Robert Plant. They played smaller venues around the U.K. for around a year, doing the odd Plant song amongst a good selection of covers. Enjoy!

01. Intro
02. Season of the Witch
03. A House Is Not a Motel
04. Bummer in the Summer
05. Waiting For My Man
06. Girl From the North Country/If I Were A Carpenter
07. Darkness Darkness
08. Think
09. Early In the Morning
10. Money
11. We're Gonna Groove
12. Baby Please Don't Go
13. As Long As I Have You
14. Gloria
15. No Regrets
16. Trouble In Mind

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Priory Theatre 1
Priory Theatre 2

Saturday 19 September 2009

Bloc Party - Dublin 2005

bloc party, live, dublin, olympic theatre, audince, 2005

Bloc Party, live at the Olympic Theatre, Dublin, 7th November 2005

A little something from my vaults for you today, something I recieved so soon after the taping, as the guy didn't know Bloc Party's music there were no actual file names. Thank heaven for search engines then, as I'm more of a casual fan myself. The badn were hardly shy of putting out releases for each tour, by the time they arrived in Dublin there were at least three different versions of their debut album Silent Alarm, remixing and extending. Enjoy!

01 So Here We Are
02 Positive Tension
03 Banquet
04 Blue Light
05 Shes Hearing Voices
06 Plans
07 Luno
08 This Modern Love
09 Like Eating Glass
10 Little Thoughts
11 Helicopter
12 Two More Years
13 Price of Gasoline
14 The Present
15 Skeleton
16 Pioneers

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Party Olympic 1
Party Olympic 2

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Jeff Buckley - Rouen 1995

jeff buckley, live, rouen, exo 7, audience, 1995

Jeff Buckley, live at Exo 7, Rouen, 28th June 1995

Some Jeff for you again today, one of the more rare shows. Not the best of sounds, but not terrible either, and a very good setlist. Enjoy!

01 Intro
02 Dream Brother
03 So Real
04 Lover, You Should Have Come Over
05 Eternal Life
06 Kick Out The Jams
07 That's All I Ask
08 Mojo Pin
09 Last Goodbye
10 What Will You Say
11 Lilac Wine
12 Grace
13 Hallelujah
14 Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin
15 Vancouver
16 Kangaroo

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Buckley Exo 7
Buckley Exo 8

Monday 14 September 2009

Nick Cave and TBS - Tokyo 1998

nick cave and the bad seeds, live, soundboard, fuji rock festival, tokyo, 1998

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, live at the Fuji Rock Festival, Tokyo, 2nd August 1998

A great setlist from Nick and his buddies for you today, I'm sure you'll enjoy!

01. Do You Love Me?
02. Lime Tree Arbour
03. Red Right Hand
04. Stagger Lee
05. I Let Love In
06. From Her To Eternity
07. Where The Wild Roses Grow
08. The Mercy Seat
09. The Weeping Song
10. The Ship Song
11. Into My Arms

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Bad Rock

Sunday 13 September 2009

Melvins - Englewood 2009

melvins, live, gothic theater, englewood, audience, 2009

Melvins, live at the Gothic Theater, Englewood L.A., 22nd August 2009

The Melvins are a grunge band from Washington state who started life as a hardcore punk band. Lead by 'Buzz' Osbourne, the distinctive haired frontman, they've been making noise for 25 years now, and show no signs of stopping any time soon. Enjoy!

01. Second Coming (Alice Cooper)
02. Ballad of Dwight Fry (Alice Cooper)
03. Pigs of the Roman Empire
04. The Talking Horse
05. The Bloated Pope
06. Dog Island
07. Dies Iraea
08. Billy Fish
09. Mr DNA (Devo)
10. - Buzz talks -
11. Anaconda
12. Zodiac
13 The Kicking Machine
14. Civilized Worm drum intro
15. Blood Witch
16. Hooch
17. The Bit
18. The Smiling Cobra

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Melvins Gothic

Friday 11 September 2009

Brett Anderson - London 2007

 brett anderson, live in londond, soundboard, 2007, shepards bush empire

Brett Anderson, live at the Shepards Bush Empire, London, 9th May 2007

An actual retail release for you today, not something I usually do, but as this was a strictly limited release (1500 copies only), the chances are you're never going to get your hands on an actual copy. So yeah, Brett Anderson, once of Suede (Suede UK, or UK Suede or something in the States), doing some of his solo and prior bands work. He's got a new album out in October if you're a fan. Enjoy!

1.1 Intro / To The Winter (6:00)
1.2 Love Is Dead (3:32)
1.3 One Lazy Morning (3:25)
1.4 Dust And Rain (3:09)
1.5 Intimacy (3:11)
1.6 Back To You (5:35)
1.7 By The Sea (4:23)
1.8 Colour Of The Night (2:58)
1.9 Scorpio Rising (4:39)
1.10 (Interlude) (0:44)
1.11 The Infinite Kiss (5:34)
1.12 Song For My Father (6:55)
Disc 2
2.1 Ebony (5:01)
2.2 The Big Time (3:20)
2.3 So Young (3:07)
2.4 The Wild Ones (6:48)
2.5 Can't Get Enough (3:56)
2.6 Trash (4:46)
2.7 Beautiful Ones (7:28)

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Brett London 1
Brett London 2

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Cold War Kids - Angouleme 2009

cold war kids, live, angouleme, garden nef party, audience, 2009

Cold War Kids, live at the Garden Nef Party, Angouleme, France, 18th July 2009

Cold War kids formed in Fullerton California, and amongst others are said to be influenced by Jeff Buckley (them and 6 million others if you beleive everything you're told...). Well, a little something to connect the two: In late 96, I think, Jeff took a poetry class while he was struggling to write for the follow-up to Grace, and while there wrote a piece called Fullerton Road Trick. Enjoy!

01. Mexican Dogs
02. Something Is Not Right With Me
03. I've Seen Enough
04. Every Man I Fall For
05. Passing The Hat
06. Tell Me In The Morning
07. Rubidoux
08. Hang Me Up To Dry
09. We Used To Vacation
10. Sermons Vs. The Gospel
11. Hair Down

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War Garden

Sunday 6 September 2009

Radiohead - Berkeley 2006

radiohead, live, greek theatre, berkeley, california, 2006

Radiohead, live at the Greek Theatre, UC Berkeley, 30th June 2006

Another of the 2006 Radiohead shows where they were playing alot of the upcoming album for you. Enjoy!

01 Intro
02 Airbag
03 national anthem
04 There There
05 15 Step
06 Exit Music
07 Body Snatchers
08 My Iron Lung
09 Nude
10 Videotape
11 I Might Be Wrong
12 Climbing Up The Walls
13 All I Need
14 Pyramid Song
15 Spooks
16 idioteque
17 Myxomatosis
18 Bangers N Mash
19 Bones
20 Like Spinning Plates
21 Fake Plastic Trees
22 Down Is The New Up
23 Paranoid Android
24 House of Cards
25 True Love Waits / Everything In It's Right Place

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Radiohead Greek 1
Radiohead Greek 2

Saturday 5 September 2009

The La's - London 2005

the la's, live, audience, unreleased, shepards bush empire, london, 2005

The La's, live at the Shepards Bush Empire, London, 15th June 2005

Lee Mavers and John Power got back together in '05, with a new rythmn section, to play a few dates in the UK plus a few summer festivals. During these sets they played a few new/unreleased tracks, a couple of which are represented here. Enjoy!

Son Of A Gun
Freedom Song
Clean Prophet
Come In Come Out
Way Out
There She Goes
Timeless Melody
I Can't Sleep
Liberty Ship
Callin All
Looking Glass
I Am The Key
Gimme The Blues
Knock Me Down

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La Bush 1
La Bush 2

Thursday 3 September 2009

Pilotdrift - Grand Prarie 2005

pilot drift, 6th annual holiday extravaganza, grand prarie, live, audience, 2005

Pilotdrift, live at the 6th Annual Holiday Extravaganza, Grand Prarie, 16th December 2005

The more observant of you will notice this is the same event that the show I posted of The Polyphonic Spree was from, and Pilodrift were there for good reason, as they had just signed to the Spree's new label Good Records. Seems as if they didn't stick together for too long, two of the members leaving to join the US Special Forces of all things. Not sure why they're refered to as The Chimney Tops by the taper though...Enjoy!

01. Prelude - Christmas Rush
02. Little Drummer Boy
03. We Three Kings
04. Reindeer Flight Instructor
05. Oh Holy Night
06. The Night Before Christmas
07. Video Introduction

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Pilotdrift Annual