Saturday, 19 September 2009

Bloc Party - Dublin 2005

bloc party, live, dublin, olympic theatre, audince, 2005

Bloc Party, live at the Olympic Theatre, Dublin, 7th November 2005

A little something from my vaults for you today, something I recieved so soon after the taping, as the guy didn't know Bloc Party's music there were no actual file names. Thank heaven for search engines then, as I'm more of a casual fan myself. The badn were hardly shy of putting out releases for each tour, by the time they arrived in Dublin there were at least three different versions of their debut album Silent Alarm, remixing and extending. Enjoy!

01 So Here We Are
02 Positive Tension
03 Banquet
04 Blue Light
05 Shes Hearing Voices
06 Plans
07 Luno
08 This Modern Love
09 Like Eating Glass
10 Little Thoughts
11 Helicopter
12 Two More Years
13 Price of Gasoline
14 The Present
15 Skeleton
16 Pioneers

Download sample, it's not in Zips...
Party Olympic 1
Party Olympic 2

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