Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Cold War Kids - Angouleme 2009

cold war kids, live, angouleme, garden nef party, audience, 2009

Cold War Kids, live at the Garden Nef Party, Angouleme, France, 18th July 2009

Cold War kids formed in Fullerton California, and amongst others are said to be influenced by Jeff Buckley (them and 6 million others if you beleive everything you're told...). Well, a little something to connect the two: In late 96, I think, Jeff took a poetry class while he was struggling to write for the follow-up to Grace, and while there wrote a piece called Fullerton Road Trick. Enjoy!

01. Mexican Dogs
02. Something Is Not Right With Me
03. I've Seen Enough
04. Every Man I Fall For
05. Passing The Hat
06. Tell Me In The Morning
07. Rubidoux
08. Hang Me Up To Dry
09. We Used To Vacation
10. Sermons Vs. The Gospel
11. Hair Down

Download sample, it's not included in the Zip...
War Garden

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