Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The Decemberists - Live at The Showbox 2008

the decemberists, live, bootleg, the showbox, seattle, 2008

The Decemberists, live at The Showbox, Seattle, 2nd May 2008

Colin Meloy and his band of slightly less than merry men (and women), have been around for many a year now, slowly building up a dedicated fanbase, Picaresque and The Crane Wife having pushed them further towards the upper echelons of the indie darlings charts.

I've got another show from exactly the same venue kicking about somewhere, from 2003 I believe, which is a fantastic show. After years of touring and playing together, admittedly with differing members, they get better and better, as this fine show goes to erm...show.

01. intro
02. My Mother Was a Chinese Trapeze Artist
03. Shiny
04. The Soldiering Life
05. The Perfect Crime #2
06. O Valencia! (false start)
07. O Valencia!
08. Zoot
09. The Island: The Landlord's Daughter
10. Cupid (Sam Cooke) feat. Laura Gibson
11. Shankill Butchers
12. Hazards of Love
13. The Apology Song
14. The Sporting Life
15. A Cautionary Song
16. Bridges and Balloons
17. Blues Run the Game (Jackson C Frank)
18. Oceanside >
19. King of Carrot Flowers, Part 1 (Neutral Milk Hotel)
20. Southern Girls (Cheap Trick)

Rar 1
Rar 2


Anonymous said...

Rar 1´s faulty...pitty

Bucklberry said...

Funny way to ask for a re-up...

Anonymous said...

Can you re-up part 1 please


Bucklberry said...

I just downloaded it to check, and it's just fine.

karl! said...

both parts worked fine over here,
thanks so much pal!