Sunday, 27 July 2008

Meat Puppets - Live at The Roxy 1986

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Meat Puppets, live at The Roxy, Hollywood, August 17th 1986

Back in 1993, Nirvana had an extra Chris and Curt onstage during a certin MTV performance, though admittedly with different spellings, the sibling founding members of Meat Puppets. Most people knew little more about these two people than what Kurt Cobain told us, yet this was a band that'd been in existence for 13 years.

Six years, three albums, and still no major label deal, they played a little spot in Hollywood called The Roxy. it is.

The Whistling Song
Good Golly Miss Molly

Rar 1
Rar 2

Visit Meat Puppets site here, for some nice links posted by original drummer Derreck Bostrom.

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Anonymous said...

hey, that first tune is maiden's milk (off up on the sun), not the whistling song (off meat puppets II)