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Belle And Sebastian - Black Sessions 1998

belle and sebastian, live, fm, black sessions, 1998

Belle And Sebastian, live at La Maison De Rock, Studio 105, "Black Session", 5th October 1998

Bernard Lemair does my nut in, what with his incessant gabbing between every bloody song broadcast on the famous French radio show, it's as if he's doing it on purpose because he knows people are taping and trading them or something equally as ridiculous!

Anyway, this is a fine set from Belle et al, featuring a good range of their cheeky numbers, with a magical inclusion of the Isobel Campbell (I think, she was still in the band either way) sung Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son (Doll of Wax, Doll of Sawdust), the Gainsbourg penned, and pun-tastic, 1965 Eurovision winner. A song seemingly written explicitly for the twee Glaswegians.

#1 - The Boy Done Wrong Again
#2 - Dog On Wheels
#3 - Paper Boat
#4 - Seeing Other People
#5 - A Century Of Fakers
#6 - Mayfly
#7 - The Wrong Girl
#8 - Dirty Dream Number Two
#9 - Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son (France Gall)
#10 - Slow Graffiti
#11 - I Don't Love Anyone
#12 - Sleep The Clock Around (cut)

As per usual, download samples, they're not included in the Zip
Sebastian Black

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