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Tegan And Sara - Melbourne 2007

tegan and sara, live, audience, melbourne, the forum, 2007

Tegan and Sara, live at The Forum, Melbourne Australia, 12th December 2007

The twin sisters from Calgary have found a bit too much press from their sexuality alone, and are not given enough praise for their actual music in the main, which is very damn good. Supported by Kaki King on this tour, a very fine singer in her own right, seek her out, she also had an appearance on their last album The Con, and as such joins the girls for a few in the main set.

01 Intro
02 Dark Come Soon
03 The Con
04 "Thanks For Coming"
05 Relief Next To Me
06 Are You Ten Years Ago
07 "Why Isn't Our Music Funny"
08 Hop A Plane
09 "As if I Know A Weird Al Song"
10 Burn Your Life Down
11 Speak Slow
12 Where Does The Good Go
13 "You Guys Doin' OK"
14 I Bet It Stung
15 So Jealous
16 "Niggly Bumps"
17 Like O, Like h
18 "Welcome Back Kaki King"
19 Floorplan [w/ Kaki King]
20 Knife Go In [w/ Kaki King]
21 "Time Travelling From 1994"
22 Monday, Monday, Monday [Just T & S & KK]
23 "Happy Birthday Chris"
24 Soil, Soil
25 City Girl
26 "Are You Guys Still OK"
27 Take Me Anywhere
28 Nineteen
29"Turn Around, Go Ahead"
30 Back In Your Head
31 "I Apologise"
32 Call It Off
33 (Encore Break)
34 "Thanks So Much"
35 I Know, I Know, I Know
36 Umbrella [Rihanna]
37 Walking With A Ghost
38 Living Room

Download samples, they're not in Zips
TS Forum 1
TS Forum 2

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Good golly Miss Molly - Lanegan and T&S ! What a dynamite pair of posts. THANKS so much.