Saturday, 13 December 2008

Fugazi - Irving Plaza 1995

fugazi, live, soundboard, irving plaza, 1995

Fugazi, live at Irving Plaza, New York, 5th April 1995

Fugazi have been around since 1988, currently on hiatus, and they rock. They have a very cool attitude to the business of music, sticking to their indie label when majors came-a-courting, as they felt they were selling enough albums without having money to promote them, and also treat their fans with great respect. They've always tried to keep tickets prices at a reasonable cost, $5 in the US, and have a no 'slam-dance' policy, a relic from the punk/hardcore days, 'cos these people just get in the way of an enjoyable gig.

1. Intro
2. Blueprint
3. Brendan #1
4. Birthday Pony
5. Cassavetes
6. Facet Squared
7. Dear Justice Letter
8. Bed for the Scraping
9. Target
10. Promises
11. Margin Walker
12. Bad Mouth
13. Give Me The Cure
14. Guy and Ian Talking
15. Returning The Screw
16. Smallpox Champion
17. Back to Base
18. By You
19. Latest Disgrace
20. Reclamation
21. Forensic Scene
22. Long Distance Runner
23. Glue Man

Download samples, they're not in Zips
Fugazi Plaza 1
Fugazi Plaza 2

I forgot to link track 19, if you've already downloaded, grab that one too!

Oops! Also failed to do that properly. Should be OK now...


Anonymous said...

unfortunately track 19 is impossible to download...
can you check what's wrong?

Anonymous said...

now it works fine. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Fair Play with the Fugazi - you dont see too much of them around! - unfortunately i cant seem to get part 1. any chance you can re-up if its down - if not no probs sorry!

Thanks & great job

Bucklberry said...

Are you having issues getting it to download in the first place, or having trouble with it finishing?

I'm just downloading it now and everything seems fine, currently 10% done...

Anonymous said...

Hey Bucklberry - quick reply! - ive tried twice and it dl to near the end but came up at 65910kb and 1kb compressed..

sorry for the hassle - i appreciate it


Bucklberry said...

It D/Led 100% fine for me Derry, but if you've not gotten it in a day or two I shall mirror it or something for you.

Anonymous said...

God no - dont worry, not a prob at all, i have the samples and part two anyhow, so plenty there for me.

And ive plenty of your other bootlegs to enjoy;)

thanks so much again.