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Arab Strap - Paris 2006

arab strap, live, audience, paris, la Maroquinerie, 2006

Arab Strap, Live à la Maroquinerie, Paris France, 26th February 2006

Arab Strap were (unsurprisingly) a Scots indie group, well duo really but by this time had a fuller sound due to finding a great touring band, comprising the musical talents of Malcolm Middleton and the vocal talents of Aiden Moffat. This was the final night of their European tour, and their final year as a band too. Arab Strap were the dirtier, more grown-up, less camp relatives of their countrymen Belle and Sebastian, who recorded a song entitled The Boy with an Arab Strap, something that caused a rift between the two.

Both guys have had some success as solo artists, most notably Malcolm but also Aiden under the moniker Lucky Pierre. Anyway, enjoy!

01 You shook me all night long (AC/DC intro track)
02 Stink
03 Fuckin' Little Bastards
04 Don't Ask Me to Dance
05 Speed Date
06 Dream Sequence
07 Pyjamas
08 Who Named the Days?
09 The First Big Week End
10 New Birds
11 [If There's] No Hope for Us
12 Piglet
13 Encore
14 Confessions of a Big Brother
15 Here We Go
16 Packs of Three
17 Screaming in the Trees
18 Meanwhile, at the Bar, a Drunkard Muses
19 Not Everything Must End
20 It's a Heartache (Bonnie Tyler cover)

Strap Paris 1
Strap Paris 2

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