Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Mark Geary - Austria 2009

mark geary, live, soundboard, austria, 2009

Mark Geary, live at Rittersaal, Hartberg Austria, 6th February 2009

A little St. Patricks Day treat for you today, Mark Geary, friend of The Frames and a regular at the now extinct Sin-E, owned and run by Irish folk, when he moved to NYC in the early '90's. This Austrian show features a few covers towards the end of a nice set, one obvious Bob Dylan song and two less obvious covers which I cannot find the source of, as the name supplied to me was of a physicist...Enjoy!

01 Always
02 Cold Little Fire
03 Ghosts
04 It Beats Me
05 Tuesday
06 Suzanne
07 Mid-Nite Sun
08 Gingerman
09 See-saw
10 Volunteer
11 Morphine
12 You´re The Only Girl
13 Blue Sky
14 Bleib
15 I´ve Been Away
16 Just Like Tom Thumb`s Blues

Download samples, they're not in Zip...

Geary Hartberg


plantlet said...

I listened to this show out of curiosity, didn't even know Mark Geary before. Loved his performance, but was even more intrigued by this Austrian guy who played two songs at the end of the show. I was instantly blown away by his voice and wondered why I never heard of him before.

So I googled his name and found out he has a band called 'Maigeborn'. And what can I say I couldn't stop listening to this crazy mixture of Pop/Rock/Reggae/Funk coupled with lyrics in East Tyrolean dialect. Got the chance to see them live on Saturday, and it was nothing short of amazing.

Long story short: I think it's funny that I found out about a cool band from Austria over a blog from a Welsh guy who wrote about an Irish guy who used to play in the same place as Jeff Buckley. ;)

Bucklberry said...

Haha, that's very cool Plantlet, glad I could be of some assitance in your good night out, even if it was in a very round-a-bout way :)

plantlet said...

;) You sure were. If you feel like it check out some of their songs too, I'd be curious of what you think about them. Especially how the lyrics sound to you!