Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Stevie Wonder - New York 1973

stevie wonder, live, soundboard, new york, 1973

Stevie Wonder, live at the Rainbow Rooms, NYC, 13th July 1973

A truly beautiful recording today, from the legendary, and equally beautiful (in the 79's at least!) Stevie Wonder. Classic songs, funk and soul, a great band, and some great extended jam versions of songs surely we all know and love? If you don't, then you really should. Enjoy!

01. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
02. Higher Ground
03. Superwoman
04. To Know You Is To Love You
05. Signed Sealed Delivered
06. Visions
07. Living For The City
08. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
09. Superstition
10. My Dreams

Download samples, they're not in Zip...

As many people seem to do just that:
Download amostras, não estão em Zip ...
Téléchargez des exemples, ils ne sont pas en Zip ...
Bitte Sample-Dateien runterladen, sie sind nicht im Zip enthalten ...
Descargar muestras, no están en el Zip...

That should cover it.

Wonder Rooms

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Julia said...

"código postal" means "postal code". You should just leave "Descargar muestras, no están en el zip" like you did in the other languages

plantlet said...

Argh, the German translation makes me cringe! Although I don't think it's a language barrier problem but rather general laziness ... Nevertheless please exchange the German gibberish with this. I'd appreciate it.
Bitte Sample-Dateien runterladen, sie sind nicht im Zip enthalten ...
And thanks for all the great shows of course!

Bucklberry said...

Haha, don't blame me folks, my language skills amount to mediocre French and the odd word or phrase any idiot knows in other languages. Blame Google's translater! :-P

Julia said...

haha, that was funny, looks like plantlet and I made some sort of evil plan to criticize your language skills!!

Back to topic, this concert is awesome! i've been needing some Wonder in my life. Thank ya