Friday, 30 January 2009

Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley documentary

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If you're one of the many who've been eagerly awaiting the release of Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley, the documentary screened occasionally at movie festivals around the world since 2004(?), then you're in luck.

A couple of weeks before they finally announced that it will get a release, though they haven't put a date on it, I recieved a copy of the original promo. This I have now shared on t'internet.

Download it here!

You may thank me now.


HoldingHandsInSilence said...

I love ur blog and am so thankful for all the amazing Jeff rarities you have given us over the past year but I cant download torrents for somr reason :(

Thanks for an amazing amazing blog though!

Bucklberry said...

Do you know how to do it at all, or is it some technical issue? If it's the first, sned me an email and I'll see if I can give you a few pointers.

PS. Don't mention this at the JBC! ;)

Julia said...

As soon as I get home (I'm at my parents' with the suckiest internet connection) I'll start downloading!!
this sounds amazing! :)
I have so much catching up to do! I haven't been downloading your posts because of the slow speed... Can't wait for this particular one!
thanks, M!

willka said...

Great man! BIG thanx for sharing it!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all that you've given us, but I too can't seem to figure out how to download torrents. Any tips?

HoldingHandsInSilence said...

Thanks for the help with downloading this! Its great to watch i aain after so many years :)

Thanks again!

Brittany Michael said...

Is there anyway you can upload this to directly download, or it torrents the only way? Last time I downloaded one from another site, I couldn't get it open :(

Thanks for everything :)

DreamBrother86 said...

Thanks Bucklberry! You rock!! I have posted a link to the download on my blog aswell, with given you the credit of course! Did you also receive a warning by DIME by the way? For only talking about footage that might not be suitable for upload?

Bucklberry said...

@Dina (and anyone else with issues): Download uTorrent. Download torrent file from site. Open with uTorrent, and choose a save location. Once completed drag-and-drop the folder VIDEO_TS to a DVD. Done :-)

@DB86: Yeah, I did get a little telling off for posting hints after trying to persuade the mods to let tihs one slip. Ah well...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so, so much for this (and for taking the time to explain the process, I really appreciate that). Your blog is just fantastic. I love you for all this!!

whiteboy1973 said...

it's great that this film has made it out on t'internet - who knows why the Estate cant release it.

That said, it is a HUGE disappointment! The duncan sheik, orchestras and ballet scene's are a utter self promotional rubbish.

The BBC4 doc and Fall In Light are far better docs. The best thing about AG is without doubt the last 3 minutes

raiza said...

You only have the torrent? :(
I love your blog, congratulations!

Bucklberry said...

Sadly uploading 1Gb sized files is a real chore, especially when you get errors during the process, so torrent only it is I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sooo much.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but no matter what I try, no torrent client is able to download the files... It seems they have somehow disappeared... Is that possible?


Anonymous said...

To Anja:
Wait with your torrent program opened and computer connected to the internet for several days until somebody who has the file "seeds" it. I was seeding the file for the whole January so maybe you've got lucky to download it then:). After you get the file, do not forget to seed (upload) it to to other ppl.

To Whiteboy1973: Live in Chicago is the best Buckley movie, imho. The BBC4 stuff is crap (the big show industry stuff which
Jeff hated), except for the last 5 minutes. I will try Fall in Light, though :P

To Bucklberry: Thank you so much, sweet guy, we love you, you are keeping Jeff alive.... (heart) (flower)

Best, Larry