Thursday, 29 January 2009

Jeff Buckley - Houston 1994

jeff buckley, live, houston, urban art bar, audience, 1994

Jeff Buckley, live at the Urban Art Bar, Houston, 1st December 1994

Jeff and band played the Urban Art Bar twice within a year, and both of those with a) very good, and b) taped by audience member Chris Malazzo, though sadly the second had issues with the tape rendering the end of the set, in what's known in the technical terms as fucked. This is the first of those shows.

01. Mojo Pin
02. Dream Brother
03. So Real
04. Last Goodbye
05. What Will You Say
06. Lilac Wine
07. Grace
08. Lover, You Should've Come Over
09. Kanga-Roo
10. Eternal Life

Download samples, they're not in Zips.
Art 94 part 1
Art 94 part 2

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HoldingHandsInSilence said...

Yet another JB bootleg I had never managed to find before! Thanks :)