Thursday, 22 January 2009

Blind Melon - Soup Demos 1994

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Blind Melon, Raw Soup, the Soup album demos, King Studios L.A.

Blind Melon recieved great publicity from Shannon Hoon's friendship with Axl Rose, and his backing vocal performances on the Use Your Illusion albums. Their self-titled debut album, and notably the hit single No Rain were very well recieved, the album as a whole an excellent funky rocker.

In 1994 they teamed up with producer Andy Wallace (yes, some of you will know who he is) to work on their second album Soup, this bootleg being the basis of it, as most of these tracks are simply unpolished versions of the final tracks. Sadly the following year Shannon died of an OD. He's much missed, but the band are back doing their thing after 12 years (they recorded one more after he died), having recently released their fourth album For My Friends.

01. Soup
02. Galaxie
03. The Duke
04. New Life
05. Vernie
06. Dumptruck
07. 2x4
08. Wilt
09. Swallowed
10. Toes Across the Floor
11. No Lyrics
12. Untitled in C
13. Brittle Little Baby
14. Lemonade
15. Frosting A Cake
16. The Duke (version 2)
17. 60's Medley
18. St. Andrew's Hall
19. Pull
20. Toes Across The Floor (version 2)
21. Car Seat
22. Cavities
23. Skinned

Download samples, they're not in Zips...
Melon Raw 1
Melon Raw 2

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