Thursday, 20 August 2009

Iggy Pop - Chicago 1977

iggy pop, live, fm broadcast, david bowie, chicago, mantra studios, 1977

Iggy Pop, live at Mantra Studios, Chicago, 13th April 1977

A little Iggy for you today, accompanied by Bowie on keyboards, taken from an FM broadcast on WKXZ. There areing=ferior sources out there, but this is regarded as the best sounding version. Enjoy!

01 Raw Power
02 TV Eye
03 Dirt
04 Turn Blue
05 Funtime
06 Gimme Danger
07 No Fun
08 Sister Midnight
09 I Need Somebody
10 Search & Destroy
11 I Wanna Be Your Dog
12 China Girl

Download sample, it's not in Zip...
Iggy Mantra

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