Thursday, 27 August 2009

Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed - Copenhagen 2007

laurie anderson, lou reed, live, dr koncerthus, copenhagen, audience, velvet underground, 2009

Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed, live at the DR Koncerthus, Copenhagen, 16th July 2009

Laurie is a performance artist and experimental musician, and even part-time actress. Quite the busy lady. Lou Reed, he's her husband, dunno what else he does though...Enjoy!

01 Dorita
02 Progress
03 Mystic Child
04 Pale Blue Eyes
05 Beginning
06 Romeo Had Juliette
07 Maybe If I Fall
08 Who Am I
09 Halloween Parade
10 Story About A Story
11 Junior Dad
12 Only An Expert
13 The Lost Art Of Conversation
14 I'll Be Your Mirror

Download sample, it's not included in Zip...
Anderson & Reed 1
Anderson & Reed 2

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