Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tom Waits - Dublin 2008

tom waits, live, dublin, 2008

Tom Waits, live at the Rats Cellar, Dublin Ireland, 1st August 2008

A pretty large couple of files for you today, but then Tom Waits has got an extensive enough back catalogue to play a week at the same venue without repeating himself, probably. This particular show was the last show of the UK and Ireland summer 2008 tour, when he played his third night consequetively at the Rat Cellar, hence the title when you get the MP3s. Enjoy!

01. Lucinda / Ain't Going Down To The Well No More
02. Raindogs / Russian Dance
03. Down In The Hole
04. I'll Shoot The Moon
05. Other Side Of The World
06. Falling Down
07. Jesus' Gonna Be Here
08. Tom Traubert's Blues
09. Heart Of Saturday Night
10. Lost In The Harbor
11. House Where Nobody Lives
12. Innocent When You Dream
13. Hoist That Rag
14. Cemetery Polka
15. Green Grass
16. Long Way Home
17. Lie To Me
18. Blue Valentines
19. Trampled Rose
20. Eyeball Kid
21. Going Out West
22. God's Away On Business
23. Make It Rain
24. 16 Shells From A Thirty-ought Six
25. Heigh Ho
26. Dirt In The Ground
27. Metropolitan Glide
28. Lucky Day

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Waits Rats 1
Waits Rats 2

Monday, 30 March 2009

Soundgarden - Lollapalooza 1992

soundgarden, lollapalooza, kitsap county fairground, soundboard, live, 1992

Soundgarden, live at Kitsap County Fairgrounds, Lollapalooza Festival, 22nd July 1992

A quite commonly found Soungarden bootleg, but always posting I feel. Great sound as it's soundboard sourced, really good set, and the added bonus of Eddie Vedders backing vocals on Outshined. Enjoy!

02.Jesus Christ Pose
04.Big Dumb Sex
05.Ugly Truth
06.Rusty Cage
07.Slaves & Bulldozers
08.Searching With My Good Eye

Soundgarden Kitsap

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Arab Strap - Paris 2006

arab strap, live, audience, paris, la Maroquinerie, 2006

Arab Strap, Live à la Maroquinerie, Paris France, 26th February 2006

Arab Strap were (unsurprisingly) a Scots indie group, well duo really but by this time had a fuller sound due to finding a great touring band, comprising the musical talents of Malcolm Middleton and the vocal talents of Aiden Moffat. This was the final night of their European tour, and their final year as a band too. Arab Strap were the dirtier, more grown-up, less camp relatives of their countrymen Belle and Sebastian, who recorded a song entitled The Boy with an Arab Strap, something that caused a rift between the two.

Both guys have had some success as solo artists, most notably Malcolm but also Aiden under the moniker Lucky Pierre. Anyway, enjoy!

01 You shook me all night long (AC/DC intro track)
02 Stink
03 Fuckin' Little Bastards
04 Don't Ask Me to Dance
05 Speed Date
06 Dream Sequence
07 Pyjamas
08 Who Named the Days?
09 The First Big Week End
10 New Birds
11 [If There's] No Hope for Us
12 Piglet
13 Encore
14 Confessions of a Big Brother
15 Here We Go
16 Packs of Three
17 Screaming in the Trees
18 Meanwhile, at the Bar, a Drunkard Muses
19 Not Everything Must End
20 It's a Heartache (Bonnie Tyler cover)

Strap Paris 1
Strap Paris 2

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Sonic Youth - Holland 87-91

sonic youth, live, radio, fm, vpro, effenaar, paradisio, de doelen

Sonic Youth, VPRO Radio broadcasts, Eindhoven 87, Amsterdam 89, Rotterdam 91

This is a collection of broadcasts from the Dutch VPRO station I've put together, all good quality (i.e. very little to no static), and with a great set of tracks. The recording dates and venues are as follows:

Tracks 01-06 Effenar Eindhoven 14th June 1987
Tracks 07-13 Paradisio Amsterdam 26th March 1989
Tracks 14-20 De Doelen Rotterdam 1st September 1991

It's very doubtful the first 6 songs are in the correct order as the Effenar show has two different sources; The first is FM (1-2), while the second is Pre-FM (the CD/Tape that a radio station plays). Enjoy!

01. Hot Wire My Heart (Crime cover)
02. Tom Violence
03. Stereo Sanctity
04. White Kross
05. Beauty Lies In The Eye
06. Pacific Coast Highway
07. Teenage Riot
08. I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges cover)
09. Kissability
10. 'Cross The Breeze
11. Trilogy: The Wonder
12. Trilogy: Hyperstation
13. Trilogy: Eliminator Jr.
14. Eric's Trip
15. Flower
16. Tuning up
17. Dirty Boots
18. Chapel Hill North Carolina
19. I Love Her All The Time
20. Teenage Riot

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Sonic VPRO

Friday, 27 March 2009

Radiohead Demos - Oxford 1988-90

radiohead, on a friday, demo, bootleg

Radiohead, On A Friday demos, Oxford, 1988 and 1990

I posted the 1990 'Shindig' demos near the beginning of this blogs life, and the links have since expired. So, rather than simply repost the links, I thought I'd combine those three sessions with another earlier recording, I think known as 'The Hedgehog Tape' or something, but don't quote me on that. Anyway, there's one sample from each of those sessions for you to try before downloading the whole thing, not that you won't anyway! Enjoy...

Recorded at Woodworm Studios, with Rasmus Peterson, Liz Cotton and Charlotte Cotton on Saxophones.
4, 6 and 12-14
Recorded at Clifton Hampden Village Hall, drums - Nigel Powell
5, 8-11 and 15-18
Recorded at the bands various homes
Recorded at Nuneham Courtenay Village Hall, drums - Phil Selway

01 - Happy Song
02 - To Be A Brilliant Light
03 - Sinking Ship
04 - Climbing Up A Bloody Great Hill
05 - Somebody
06 - Mr B
07 - What's That You See?
08 - Everyone Needs Someone To Hate
09 - Upside Down
10 - The Greatest Shindig Of The World
11 - Give It Up
12 - How Can You Be Sure?
13 - Life With The Big F
14 - Keep Strong
15 - Rattlesnake
16 - Burning Bush
17 - Tell Me Bitch
18 - New Generation

Friday Tapes

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Zurich 1988

red hot chili peppers, live, soundboard, fm, rote fabrik, zurich, 1988

Red Hot Chili Peppers, live at Rote Fabrik, Zurich, 1st February 1988

Although Frusciante is one of my favourite guitarists, I've not been a huge fan of the Chili's recent output, I kind of left them behind after the huge Californication. That said, his predecesor and idol wasn't too shabby either, and the band were much rawer and exciting during Hillel's rein, and this is a fine example of just that. Enjoy!

01. Out In L.A.
02. Organic Anti-Beat Box Band
03. Anarchy in the UK, Me and My Friends
04. Fight Like a Brave, Back in Black
05. Blackeyed Blonde
06. Love Trilogy
07. Green Heaven
08. Police Helicopter, We Got the Biggest Cocks
09. Special Secret Song Inside

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Chili Rote

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Stevie Wonder - New York 1973

stevie wonder, live, soundboard, new york, 1973

Stevie Wonder, live at the Rainbow Rooms, NYC, 13th July 1973

A truly beautiful recording today, from the legendary, and equally beautiful (in the 79's at least!) Stevie Wonder. Classic songs, funk and soul, a great band, and some great extended jam versions of songs surely we all know and love? If you don't, then you really should. Enjoy!

01. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
02. Higher Ground
03. Superwoman
04. To Know You Is To Love You
05. Signed Sealed Delivered
06. Visions
07. Living For The City
08. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
09. Superstition
10. My Dreams

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As many people seem to do just that:
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That should cover it.

Wonder Rooms

*edit*Sorted ;)

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Beck - Demo Tape 1992

beck, 4-track, demo tape, like the beer, 1992

Beck, Like The Beer, 4-track demo tape, circa 1992

Second post for the day then. The story goes that Beck passed a copy of this demo tape (that's it pictured above) to a friend in a record store in Silver Lake, wherever that is, and it later found it's way to the guy who copied it and shared online. That said, his copy never had the 7th track, so what the source for that is I don't know...anyway, enjoy!

1. Unknown
2. Hollow Log
3. Gettin' Home
4. Gettin' Home
5. Puttin' It Down
6. Unknown
7. Unknown

Download samples, they're not in Zip...
Beck Beer

Nine Black Alps - Lamacq Live 2004

nine black alps, live, fm, radio 1, lamacq live, 2004

Nine Black Alps, Lamacq Live, Maida Vale Studios London, 2nd August 2004

Two posts for today, both not easy to get hold of, and I'm guessing the next post will be more sought after, not that Nine Black Alps don't have their merits of course. A couple of tracks from the BBC Maida Vale studio accmopanied by interviews with the band on Steve Lamacqs show. Enjoy!

01. Interview
02. Shot Down
03. Lamacq Speaks
04. Interview
05. Not Everyone
06. Outro

Download sample, it's not in Zip...
Alps Lamacq

Monday, 23 March 2009

Arcade Fire - New York 2005

arcade fire, david bowie, live, audience, central park, new york, 2005

Arcade Fire, live at Central Park, New York, 15th September 2005

Another of those bands I'm suprised I've never posted before, especially as I have lots of their bootlegs in my collection. This particular show features a guest spot on vocals from none other than David Bowie, on his own composition Queen Bitch. Arcade Fire also did this kinda thing with David Byrne on his classic, and their often played Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place), perhaps I'll share that in time. Anyway, enjoy!

01. Intro
02. Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)
03. Crown Of Love
04. Neighbourhood #2 (Laika)
05. No Cars Go
06. Haiti
07. Headlights Look Like Diamonds
08. I'm Sleeping In A Submarine
09. Vampire/Forest Fires
10. In The Backseat
11. Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)
12. Rebellion
13. Encore Break
14. Queen Bitch
15. Wake Up

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Fire Park

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Devendra Banhart - Santa Monica 2004

devendra banhart, live, soundboard, fm, kcrw, 2004

Devendra Banhart, live on Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW Santa Monica, 5th May 2004

A little freak folk from the lovely Devendra Banhart for you today, I think accompanied by previous postee Vetiver on guitar, playing the famous Morning Becomes Eclectic session, sadly no longer hosted by Englishman Nic Harcourt. This performance was during the promotion of one of my favourite folk albums Niño Rojo, and 2004's other release Rejoicing In The Hands, something I really need to replace as I've worn the CD out. Enjoy!

01. Intro
02. This Is The Way
03. The Body Breaks
04. Todo Los Dolores
05. Autumn's Child
06. Interview
07. This Beard Is For Siobhan
08. A Sight To Behold
09. Will Is My Friend
10. Unknown Song (I Googled my ass off, but nothing...)
11. Michigan State
12. Outro

Download samples, they're not in Zip...
Banhart KCRW

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Talking Heads - CBS Demos 1975

talking heads, cbs demos, studio recording, 1975

Talking Heads, CBS Demos, New York 1975

Surely I don't need to say much about this post? Talking Heads demos from prior to their recording their debut album. Right, I'm off to the local pub...Enjoy!

01. Psycho Killer
02. Sugar On My Tongue
03. Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
04. I Want To Live
05. I Wish You Wouldn't Say That
06. The Girls Want To Be With The Girls
07. Who Is It
08. With Our Love
09. Stay Hungry
10. Tentative Decisions
11. Warning Sign
12. I'm Not In Love
13. The Book I Read
14. Love Goes To Building On Fire
15. No Compassion

Download samples, they're not in Zip...
Heads CBS

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Xiu Xiu - Nuremburg 2004

xiu xiu, live, k4 zentral cafe, nuremburg, soundboard, 2004

Xiu Xiu, live at K4 Zentral Cafe, Nuremburg, 13th May 2004

Formed in 2000, Xui Xui's (Jamie Stewart's baby, being the only constant member) experimental brand of Indie/Alternative music has given them a good following, and deservedly so. This soundboard tape showcases just why, with a 50/50 mix of tracks from their then just released 3rd album Fabulous Muscles, and tracks from earlier records, giving an excellent incite into what Xiu Xiu are all about. Enjoy!

01: Poe Poe
02: Fabulous Muscles
03: Crank Heart
04: Clowne Towne
05: I Broke Up
06: Rose of Sharon
07: Jennifer Lopez
08: Sad Pony Guerilla Girl
09: I Luv the Valley OH!
10: Nieces Pieces
11: (applause)
12: Suha

Download samples, they're not in Zip...
Xiu Nuremburg

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Mark Geary - Austria 2009

mark geary, live, soundboard, austria, 2009

Mark Geary, live at Rittersaal, Hartberg Austria, 6th February 2009

A little St. Patricks Day treat for you today, Mark Geary, friend of The Frames and a regular at the now extinct Sin-E, owned and run by Irish folk, when he moved to NYC in the early '90's. This Austrian show features a few covers towards the end of a nice set, one obvious Bob Dylan song and two less obvious covers which I cannot find the source of, as the name supplied to me was of a physicist...Enjoy!

01 Always
02 Cold Little Fire
03 Ghosts
04 It Beats Me
05 Tuesday
06 Suzanne
07 Mid-Nite Sun
08 Gingerman
09 See-saw
10 Volunteer
11 Morphine
12 You´re The Only Girl
13 Blue Sky
14 Bleib
15 I´ve Been Away
16 Just Like Tom Thumb`s Blues

Download samples, they're not in Zip...

Geary Hartberg

Monday, 16 March 2009

Richard Ashcroft - Gateshead 2006

richard ashcroft, live, audience, the sage, gateshead, 2006

Richard Ashcroft, live at The Sage, Gateshead, 21st January 2006

It's a little surprising that I've not posted more Verve/Ashcroft shows really, as I've only posted the one at all, I'll see what I can do about that in the future.

This performance from Richard is very good, a great setlist comprising a few of the huge The Verve hits, with a smattering of his debut solo album to flesh out a good set of songs from the second solo effort. Enjoy!

01 Keys To The World
02 Music Is Power
03 Sonnet
04 Song For The Lovers
05 Science Of Silence
06 Sweet Brother Malcolm
07 Drugs Dont Work
08 Words Just Get In The Way
09 Why Not Nothing
10 Lucky Man
11 History
12 Check The Meaning
13 Lonely Soul
14 Break The Night With Colour
15 Bittersweet Symphony

Download samples, they're not in Zips...
Ashcroft Sage 1
Ashcroft Sage 2

Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Raconteurs - British Radio Sessions 2006

raconteurs, live, fm, radio sessions, bbc radio 1, xfm, dermot o'leary, zane lowe, 2006

The Raconteurs, British Radio Sessions, March 2006

Been a while since my last post, was away for a while and had no internet there...

This post is an amalgamation of three seperate sessions, all recorded in March of 2006. They are the Dermot O'Leary (1-5) and Zane Lowe (6-8) BBC shows, and an XFM session. Naturally a few of the songs are repeated, but this doesn't really detract from the whole. I'm sure y'all will enjoy anyway!

01. Interview
02. Steady As She Goes
03. Interview
04. It Ain't Easy (David Bowie cover)
05. Outro
06. Store Bought Bones
07. Call It A Day
08. Intimate Secretary
09. Interview
10. Level
11. Intimate Secretary
12. Steady As She Goes
13. Together
14. Hands

Download samples, they're not in Zip...
Raconteurs Radio