Saturday, 1 November 2008

British Sea Power - Glasgow 2008

british sea power, live, audience, abc 1, glasgow, 2008

British Sea Power, live at ABC 1 Glasgow, 11th October 2008

Another great sounding bootleg from BSP for you today, and I'm busy so this is all I'll write. Although, I don't know many bands that have song titles that are bird names which aren't known to the average layman, ala Great Skua as opposed to Blackbird. Enjoy!

01 Fear of Drowning
02 Carrion
03 Lights out For Darker Skies
04 Favours in the Beetroot Fields
05 Atom
06 Down on the ground
07 Lovely day tomorrow
08 A Trip out
09 Canvey island
10 Waving flags
11 The Great Skua
12 Oh Larsen B
13 Remember me
14 Apologies to Insect Life
15 No Lucifer
16 Spirit of St Louis
17 Rock in....

Download samples, they're not in Zips.
Sea ABC 1
Sea ABC 2

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