Monday, 17 November 2008

Joan As Police Woman - Berlin 2008

joan as police woman, joan wasser, live, audience, lido, berlin, 2008

Joan As Police Woman, live at Lido, Berlin, 12th November 2008

Some Miss Wasser today, and a little lovely something from her current European tour. An excellent sound on this audience taped show, you can hear the crowd clearly in the quieter solo piano moments, but it's in no way intrusive, rather it gives you an illusion of being stood near the bar appreciating the show. A nice bit of continuation too, she's still playing with Parker Kindred, ex of Jeff Buckley, and the former Wasser/Kindred/Tighe group Black Beetle. Oh yes, and an unusual cover she's been playing for a while, around three minutes in length in its original incarnation, drawn out (not in an "Oh my god! Isn't this over yet?" way) to about seven by Joan and band.

01. Intro
02. Honor My Wishes
03. Band Introduction
04. To Be Loved
05. Flushed Chest
06. The Ride
07. To Be Lonely
08. Feed The Light
09. Hard White Wall
10. We Don't Own It
11. To Survive
12. Start Of My Heart
13. Anyone
14. I Defy
15. Fire
16. Christobal
17. Eternal Flame
18. To America (Fireworks) > Furious
19. Real Life
20. Keeper Of The Flame

Police Lido 1
Police Lido

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