Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Rufus Wainwright - Tokyo 2008

rufus wainwright, live, audience, tokyo, international forum hall, 2008

Rufus Wainwright, live at the International Forum Hall, Tokyo, 23rd January 2008

Rathr a different set from the one I posted a few weeks ago today, probably due to the fact he'd not played Japan for 10 years as he only has a small following there, so sticking to known songs was the the way to go. This does have some Judy Garland thrown in for good measure though.

Disc 1 (66:02)
1. intro
2. Release the Stars
3. Going to a Town
4. chat #1 (spent $10,000)
5. Senssouci
6. chat #2 (gay saves the economy)
7. Rules and Regulations
8. chat #3 (kabuki)
9. Matinee Idol
10. The Art Teacher
11. Tiergarten
12. chat #4 (Japanese audience)
13. Leaving for Paris No.2
14. chat #5 (Kay, Nanami & Aya)
15. Between My Legs (with Japanese Fans)
16. The Consort
17. Do I Disappoint You
18. chat #6 (Judy Garland explanation)
19. A Foggy Day (Judy Garland)
20. If Love Were All (Judy Garland)

Disc 2 (63:25)
1. chat #7 (Tokyo Suki Desu)
2. Beautiful Child
3. chat #8 (been speaking Japanese all night)
4. Not Ready to Love
5. Slideshow
6. chat #9 (oh! flower!?)
7. Macushlah (no microphone)
8. chat #10 (band intro)
9. 14th Street
10. I Don't Know What It Is
11. Poses
12. Get A Makeover
13. Get Happy
14. Gay Messiah

Download samples, they're not in Zips
Wainwright Japan 1
Wainwright Japan 2


L said...

Another extraordinary talent - didn't you love his Judy Garland concert? I don't know where you find all these recordings, but they are something great. Thanks yet again.

Bucklberry said...

I quite enjoyed the Rufus, Rufus, Rufus shows, but when he goes that arch it can get a little tiresome for me. His campness is great but there's only so much I can take.