Sunday, 2 November 2008

Lou Reed - Cleveland 1984

lou reed, live, soundboard, fm, cleveland, coffee break concert, 1984

Lou Reed, live at The Agora 'Coffee Break Concert', Cleveland, 3rd October 1984

Another awful piece of 'artwork' for you today, thankfully it hides a good Lou Reed solo performance beneath! A couple of classic VU tracks help mix-up the setlist, and help make this a good 'live best of...' for the time.

01. Introduction
02. Sweet Jane
03. Wainting For My Man
04. Martial Law
05. Legendary Hearts
06. Turn Out The Lights
07. Interview 1
08. Sally Can't Dance
09. Walk On The Wild Side
10. Satellite Of Love
11. Interview 2
12. My Red Joystick
13. New Sensations
14. Turn To Me
15. I Love You Suzanne

Rear 'art'
Download samples, they're not in Zips.
Reed Coffee 1
Reed Coffee 2


Anonymous said...

Oh Juliana, what has it cum to?

Bucklberry said...

Lol. Oops! How did I let that one slip through?