Thursday, 20 November 2008

Emiliana Torrini - White Session 2008

emiliana torrini, live, soundboard, fm, white session

Emiliana Torrini, live on FM France Inter, 13th November 2008

Icelandic half-Italian Emiliana has been around a while now, with most of her albums being released only in her homeland or in the case of Rarities, as a promo only. Sadly, she got fame from singing Gollums Song for LOTR II, rather than her own music, but on the upside it did bring her to the attention of the wider world.

01 Intro
02 Fireheads
03 Me and Armini
04 Jungle drum
05 Birds
06 Bleeder
07 Gun
08 Heard it all before
09 Life saver
10 Sunny Road
11 Big Jumps
12 Beggars Prayer (part 1)
13 Beggar's prayer (part 2)

Download samples, they're not in Zip
Torrini Inter

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L said...

Isn't she extraordinary? But I've never heard a live recording. Thanks. You have really great taste in music, by the way. I've never seen a selection of live tunes and outtakes like this one.