Saturday, 29 November 2008

Keziah Jones - Festival Fnac Indétendances 2008

keziah jones, live, audience, Festival Fnac Indétendances, paris, 2008

Keziah Jones, Festival Fnac Indétendances Paris, 16th August 2008

Keziah Jones came to Paris via a stint in London getting an education after leaving his homeland of Nigeria, where he got snapped up by his label after a support slot for Lenny Kravitz. Not bad for a guy who was playing the subway a year before!

01. Intro
02. Femiliarize
03. My Kinda Girl
04. The Invisible Ladder
05. Long Distance Love
06. Beautiful Emilie (part 1)
07. Beautiful Emilie (part 2)
08. Lagos vs New York
09. Kpafuca
10. When Somebody Loves You
11. Simply Beautiful (Al Green cover)
12. Rythm is Love
13. Autumn Moon
14. Orin O'lomi

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Jones Indétendances

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