Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sonic Youth - Les Esacles Fest 2008

sonic youth, live, audience, les esacles festival, 2008

Sonic Youth, live at Les Escales Festival, Saint Nazaire France, August 9th 2008

Great set from Sonic Youth for you today, though I do think maybe they should consider changing the name of the band, as they don't look very youthfull at all these days. Enjoy!

01 The Burning Spear
02 Bull in the Heather
03 The Sprawl
04 'Cross the Breeze
05 Eric's Trip
06 The Wonder - Hyperstation
07 Drunken Butterfly
08 Schizophrenia
09 Hey Joni
10 Jams Run Free
11 Pink Steam
12 Shaking Hell

Download samples, they're not in Zip
Youth Escales


luke said...

awesome! thank you!

The Duke said...

Thank you so much man!

Just found your awsome blog today and i'm really digging it!

please keep the sonic youth posts coming!

Bucklberry said...

Ha, yes. I did see all the visits from a SY fansite :) They'll keep coming.