Thursday, 19 February 2009

The La's - Amsterdam 1991

the la's, live, soundboard, the melkweg, amsterdam, 1991

The La's, live at the Melkweg, Amsterdam, 19th April 1991

I've not seen alot of La's soundboard shows floating about, in fact only this one, but then I don't obsessively track them down. Obviously, as there was only one album, great though it may be, they could only do so long a concert without repeating themselves, hence we get three songs repeated here. Hey, if it's good enough for The Smiths, then Lee and Co. can do it too. Enjoy!

01. Son Of A Gun
02. Freedom Song
03. Clean Prophet
04. Come In Come Out
05. Way Out
06. Timeless Melody
07. I.O.U.
08. I Can't Sleep
09. There She Goes
10. Doledrum
11. Follow Me Down
12. Knock Me Down
13. Feelin'
14. Alright
15. Liberty Ship
16. Callin' All
17. Failure
18. Looking Glass
19. I Can't Sleep
20. There She Goes
21. Failure

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La's Melkweg

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