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Arcade Fire - BBC Radio 3, October 2004

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Arcade Fire, BBC Radio 3 session, October 2nd 2004.

This session was broadcast six or seven weeks after the release of Arcade Fires outstanding debut album Funeral, which is generally regarded as the finest 'indie' album of that year. As well as tracks five, eight and ten from the album, the band played the as yet unreleased (though there were demos in circulation) No Cars Go, later to be recorded for the second long playing release Neon Bible, and their often played Talking Heads cover This Must Be The Place, a track which David Byrne joined them onstage for during a gig in NYC.

Despite the fact that Funeral was recorded while the many members were attending a few too many than's good for a chap (two grandparents and an aunt died), the feel of the album is generally uplifting, not that the album tracks here properly reflect this. That situation probably had alot to do with the amount of coverage they got initially, yes I am a cynic, but that only helped to bring a fantastic album, which would otherwise have gone relatively unnoticed to the average prole, into peoples conciousness. No bad thing at all.

01. No Cars Go
02. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)
03. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
04. In The Backseat
05. Haiti

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