Thursday, 19 June 2008

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Live at the Warfield 1998 *updated links*

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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Warfield Theatre SA, 17th December 1998

This is a rather lovely bootleg from Nick and the band, with a good mix of songs from over their term as the Bad Seeds, many classics such as Stagger Lee, Mercy Seat, From Her To Eternity etc. etc. When playing the harder edged songs, such as the above mentioned Mercy Seat, the band and Nick himself deliver them with a passion belying a group of their age, it's good to hear a band who still love performing old songs they've played thousands of times before, and do so with such fire in their bellies.

Rear cover

01. Far From Me
02. Do You Love Me
03. Lime Tree Arbour
04. Red Right Hand
05. Tupelo
06. Brompton Oratory
07. I Let Love In
08. From Her To Eternity
09. West Country Girl
10. Mercy Seat
11. Weeping Song
12. Nobodys Baby Now
13. Into My Arms
14. Henry Lee
15. Where The Wild Roses Grow
16. Deanna
17. Plain Gold Ring
18. Stagger Lee
19. The Ship Song
20. Your Funeral...My Trial

Download samples, not included in Rar files
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Anonymous said...

Is there any chance for another upload of this show (links are dead)? Even if not, thanks for sharing this - someone should say "thanks" at least.

Bucklberry said...

Sure thing, but I will have to search the archives for it, so it'll be a few days till I get around to that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading the Cave. You are so right, this guy can really play his oldies and make you feel them like they were just days old...he has got such a varied canon and his shows never disappoint, as I'm sure this won't. Once again, thanks for sharing these wonderful shows for all to hear, and taking the time to re-upload this show. I'm listening to DYLM? right now and the mood of the show is superb so far - as is the quality, compared to other Cave shows I have.

Bucklberry said...

I think the fact that they do still rock is due to it being simply what Nick does, some people are artists from birth. Many people can knock out a good tune, show off on stage, and get into it for more egotistical reasons, but it takes the right kind of gregarious, sensitive thinker to continue through 60 bottles of JustForMen!

Anonymous said...

Please repost Do you Love me.

Thanks for this

Bucklberry said...

I've reposted the links once, that's enough for me. I've other things to be doing with my time I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.My ex is really into Cave,perhaps this'll help smooth things over with us.

sbraidi said...

Hello, I'm a newcomer to this FANTASTIC blog, so maybe I'm doing a silly question, but why Do You Love Me can not be downloaded?
P.S.: I'll tell again: fantastic.

Leif said...

Hi Bucklberry
It's a very fine collection of live-music you've here. Couldn't you give us a christmas-gift, by re-uploading "Do you love me"?
many thanks in advance snd happy christmas

Anonymous said...

Do you love me?