Thursday, 19 June 2008

Super Furry Animals, Dublin 2005

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Super Furry Animals, live at the Olympia Theatre Dublin, September 27th 2005

This show was recorded (excellently by Johnky, his bootleg list is available here) during the Love Kraft tour, and features mainly tracks from the album as well as Phantom Power and Rings Around The World releases. It opens with a touch of Gruffs humour (and Bunfs I assume, being the DJ of the band), as the theme to the Rocky movies blasts out as they take the stage, then later shows a bit of the same, though with a touch of rebellion, as Bill Hicks calls out "All governments are liars and murderers", not sure which show that's from, but I'm pretty certain it was a reaction to the Koresh/Waco incident.

A couple of small points about SFA.
1) They should be bigger than they are.
2) Why do these new bands get so much love for using (nu)rave in their music? SFA have done it for years, and to a much higher standard too. Stupid fads!

01. Intro
02. Intro - Rocky Theme
03. International Language Of Screaming
04. Hello Sunshine
05. Zoom
06. Atomic Lust
07. The Horn
08. Ohio Heat
09. Run Christian Run
10. Cloudberries
11. Frequency
12. Ice Hockey Hair
13. Recepticle For The Respectable
14. Slow Life
15. Slow Life cont.
16. Juxtaposed With U
17. Lazrerbeam
18. Rings Around The World
19. Do Or Die
20. Something For The Weekend
21. Drygioni
22. The Man Don't Give A Fuck
23. The Man Don't Give A Fuck cont.


Artis said...

Any chance you could re-up this show at some point? Seems the links have expired... lazy me just got round to downloading it.

Bucklberry said...

Might take a while Artis, but I shall get around to it.