Saturday, 16 May 2009

Elbow - Santa Monica 2002

elbow, live, kcrw, fm, morning becomes eclectic, 2002

Elbow, live on Morning Becomes Eclectic KCRW, Santa Monica, 19th February 2002

A quick nibble for you today, from the lovely Elbow. That's all, I'm tired and have stuff to do. Enjoy!

01. Introduction
02. About Time
03. Powder Blue
04. Asleep in the Back
05. Interview
06. Don't Mix Your Drinks
07. Newborn
08. Scattered Black & Whites
09. Interview

Download sample, it's not included in Zip...
Elbow KCRW


Amy said...

Thanks for the lovely Elbow post. It's great to hear almost anyone on Morning Becomes Eclectic, but they're truly great. Was wondering about "Newborn," though, as I tried getting it off of mediafire and it's apparently not there?

Thanks again for all the music! :)

Bucklberry said...

Seems okay Amy, others have taken it, probably server issues or something. Try again a bit later.

gailsanjay said...

great post thank you!! btw, noticed a while back that you said you might post some king creosote - any chance that this could be added? thanks