Friday, 22 May 2009

Fugazi - Washington 2002

fugazi, live, audience, last us recording, washington, ft reno park, 2002

Fugazi, live at Ft. Reno Park, Washington, 1st July 2002

Some more Fugazi today, this time we have the last known recording from a U.S. performance. Fingers crossed the band will get back together one day, either way, they've left a great legacy. Enjoy!

01. Intro
02. Cashout
03. Full Disclosure
04. Break
05. Smallpox Champion
06. Back to Base
07. Life And Limb
08. Close Captioned
09. Rend It
10. Furniture
11. Strangelight
12. The Kill
13. Argument
14. Nightshop
15. Epic Problem
16. Blueprint
17. Arpeggiator
18. Song #1

Download sample, it's not in Zips...
Fugazi Reno 1
Fugazi Reno 2

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Chris said...

hey I was at this show, thanks, i didn't know there was even a recording of it.