Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Kasabian and (not with) Asobi Seksu - Radio Session 2009

As they're only small posts I thought I'd combine. Both Zips are on one upload, but you can download seperately. Enjoy!

kasabian, live, acoustic, oui fm, soundboard, velvet underground, 2009

Kasabian, acoustic on OUi FM, France, (unknown day) April 2009

01. Interview
02. Underdog
03. Interview
04. Who Loves the Sun (Velvet Underground cover)
05. Interview
06. Ladies and Gentlemen - Roll the Dice
07. Outro

asobi seksu, live, wkdu, fm, soundboard, 2009

Asobi Seksu, live on WKDU, 29th March 2009

01. New Years
02. Gliss
03. Thursday
04. Breathe Into Glass

Download samples, they're not included in Zips...

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