Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Smashing Pumpkins - Chicago 1989

smashing pumpkins, live, fm broadcast, chicago, wzrd, 1989

Smashing Pumpkins, live on WZRD, Chicago, 16th March 1989

Before having even released any music, Smashing Pumpkins gave a live broadcast, not pre-recorded, on WZRD FM Chicago, to help promote both themsleves plus a compilation album and launch party from their label. Many rare songs, covers, and sadly much chatting nonsense from the amiable host (though I don't list those, too many), make up for a very nice little bootleg. Apprécier!

01. Venus in Furs(Velvet Underground)
02. Snap (If I Could)
03. My Eternity
04. East
05. Cinnamon Girl(Neil Young)
06. There It Goes
07. Nothing and Everything
08. Under Your Spell
09. Rhinoceros
10. Sun
11. Spiteface

Download samples, they're not included in the Zip...
Smashing Wizard


Emily said...

Nice blog.
Pumpkins - your link is to your blog and not the file...

Bucklberry said...

Oops. Someone forgot to actually add a link...Thanks for the comment!

michaelrobin said...

more live sets from WZRD available at http://www.wzrdchicago.org/thursdaynightlive !