Friday, 29 May 2009

Elbow/Kings of Leon - Radio Broadcasts

elbow, live, acoustic, waterloo records, fm, 2002

Elbow, live at Waterloo Records, Austin, 15th March 2002

Firstly for you today, Guy Garvey and Mark Potter performing live and acoustic at an instore gig.

01. Introduction
02. About time
03. Powder blue
04. Don't mix your drinks
05. Newborn
06. Asleep in the back

kings of leon, live, sound relief benefit concert, fm, melbourne, 2002

Kings of Leon, live at the Sound Relief Benefit Concert, Melbourne Cricket Ground, 14th March 2009

Secondly a smallappearance from Kings of Leon for the Australian Sound Relief charity earlier this year. Enjoy!

01. Crawl
02. Revelry
03. On Call
04. Use Somebody

As always, download the samples, they're not included in Zip....
Elbow/Kings of Leon

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