Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Son Volt - Austin 2009

son volt, live, antones, audience, austin, 2009

Son Volt, live at Antone's, Austn, 25th February 2009

Son Volt were born out of the ashes of Uncle Tupelo, a band that also spawned Wilco, though now-a-days they feature a completely different line-up, frontman Jay Farrar the exception. This show was played in preperation for the forth coming eigth studio release American Central Dust. I'm sure you'll enjoy!

01. When The Wheels Don't Move
02. Gramophone
03. Down To The Wire
04. The Picture
05. Beacon Soul
06. Hanging Blue Side
07. Big Sur
08. Highways & Cigarettes
09. Dynamite
10. Tear Stained Eye
11. Creosote
12. Exurbia
13. Meth
14. Dust Of Daylight
15. Feel Free
16. Drown
17. Action
18. The Search
19. Bandages & Scars
20. Buzz & Grind
21. Voodoo Candle
22. Afterglow 61
23. Carmelita
24. Windfall
25. 10 Second News
26. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way

Download samples, they're not included in the Zips....
Volt Austin 1
Volt Austin 2


turtlebones said...

Hey, did you happen to get Jason Isbell's set? And/or Peter Bruntnell's?

turtlebones said...

wait-- wrong SV show. Sorry-- my bad.

Jimi said...

Thanks very much.
Son Volt is one of the best bands around at the moment. They keep on making great records.