Monday, 1 June 2009

Beck - Rennes 1994

beck, live, transmusicales de rennes, fm inter, france, 1994

Beck, live on Transmuiscales de Rennes, FM Inter France, 1st December 1994

A bit of Beck for you today, with a great set of his early, I guess ground breaking at the time, material. I'm sure you'll enjoy!

01. Fuckin' With My Head
02. Thunder Peel
03. Soul Suckin' Jerk
04. Got No Mind
05. Whiskey Clone, Hotel City
06. Alcohol
07. It's All in Your Mind
08. Grinnin' in Your Face
09. Loser
10. Touch of Class
11. Sleeping Bag
12. Beercan
13. Motherfucker
14. Casio (Good Stuff)

Download sample, it's not included in Zip...
Beck Rennes


Anonymous said...

link doesn't work for beercan on mediafire

Bucklberry said...

Yeah it does, Mediafire sometimes has a bit too much traffic. Try again later.