Thursday, 18 June 2009

Xiu Xiu - Surry Hills 2006

xiu xiu, live, audience, surry hills, hopetown hotel, 2005

Xiu Xiu, live at the Hopetown Hotel, Surry Hills NSW, Australia, 20th April 2006

A little of Jamie Stewarts Xiu Xiu for you today, recorded between '05's La Foret and '06's The Air Force, this set is half comprised of songs from these two albums, and a good mixture of previous material. Enjoy!

01. Don Diasco
02. Bog People
03. Hello From Euclaire, Wisconsin
04. Pox
05. Hives Hives
06. I Love the Valley, Oh!
07. Vulture Piano
08. Crank Heart
09. Yellow Raspberry
10. Fabulous Muscles
11. Muppet Face
12. Sad Pony Guerilla Girl

Download samples, they're not included in Zip...
Xiu Hopetown

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