Sunday, 7 June 2009

Jeff Beck Group - London 1972

jeff beck, jeff beck group, live, soundboard, paris theatre, london, 1972

The Jeff Beck Group, live at the Paris Theatre, Raw Orc bootleg, London, 29th June 1972

Some Jeff for you today, only this time Mr. Beck and his merry men. I've not really listened to a great deal of his music, but that I do know is really something else. Of the three guys who played amazing guitar in and around London at this time, Clapton and Page being the others, none came close to the ingenuity of Jeff Beck. Anyway, enjoy!

01. Introduction
02. Ice Cream Cakes
03. Morning Dew
04. Max solo - Going Down
05. Definitely Maybe
06. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
07. New Ways/Plynth - drum solo/Train Train
08. Ain't No Sunshine
09. Got The Feeling
10. Let Me Love You

Download sample, it's not included in the Zip...
Beck Orc

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