Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Pearl Jam - Rosemont 2000

pearl jam, live, soundboard, rosemont, allstate arena, 2000

Pearl Jam, live at the Allstate Arena, Rosemont Il, 9th October 2000

Pearl Jam have a policy of recording all their shows, then releasing them via download/actual CD, as offical bootlegs. When they stop the run of older shows they then allow traders to do what they will with them, a mighty fine policy if I do say so myself. So, here's a great set from 2000, with alot of my favourite earlier PJ tracks plus the odd cover, I'm sure you'll enjoy!

01 Release
02 Corduroy
03 Grievance
04 Gods' Dice
05 Animal
06 Red Mosquito
07 Nothing As It Seems
08 Given To Fly
09 Wishlist
10 Elderly Woman Behind a Counter in a Small Town
11 In Hiding
12 Even Flow
13 Light Years
14 mfc
15 Lukin
16 Not For You
17 Betterman
18 Leatherman
19 Nothingman
20 Do The Evolution
21 Insignificance
22 Black
23 Parting Ways
24 crowd
25 Sleight Of Hand
26 Soldier Of Love
27 Crazy Mary
28 Jeremy
29 Rearviewmirror
30 Soon Forget
31 Baba O'Riley

Download samples, they're not in Zips...
Pearl Arena 1
Pearl Arena 2


Chris said...

i don't know if the stars aligned or what, but did you post this because of what happened over at "i am fuel, you are friends"?

Bucklberry said...

Nah Chris, I didn't know anything about what's been going down over there, not popped by for a while.

What I will say is this though; She's been told by them twice before about posting things they don't allow, and she's failed to respect their wishes again. Running a well established blog she should know better, and any flack she gets is her own damn fault.

I've had Van Morrisson's people on my arse before for the same reasons, I removed the post, no more problems.