Thursday, 25 June 2009

Green River - Studio Outtakes 1985

green river, studio, outtakes, demos, washington, 1985

Green River, Swallow My Pride, studio Outtakes and demos, Washington, 1985

As many of you may know, Green River were the band many members of Seattle's Grunge scene started off in, most notably several Pearl Jam. This is a collection of outtakes/demos from way before they eventually released an album, most of which never made it on to 1988's Rehab Doll. Enjoy!

1. New God
2. Personality Meltdown
3. Leech
4. 33 Revolutions
5. Against the Grain
6. Baby, Help Me Forget
7. Together We'll Never
8. Bazaar

Download sample, it's not in Zip..
Green Outtake

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