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Jeff Buckley - Various session bootlegs

jeff buckley, sessions, bootleg, unreleased, radio, in-store

Jeff Buckley, various radio and instore sessions

A small selection for you today, taken from my extensive lossless collection of Jeffs performances. I won't go on or anything, maybe the odd note about an individual track here and there, but it's all gonna be about the music in this post. Enjoy!

KFOG Session, May 4th 1995
01. Interview
02. All That I Ask - Last Goodbye
03. Grace
04. DJ comments
Full Rar

Live at Waterloo Records, Austin 1994 (before the Electric Lounge gig)
01. Tuning
02. So Real
03. Last Goodbye
04. Grace
05. Lover, You Should've Come Over
Full Rar

Live at The Rooftop Cafe Melbourne, 31st September 1995
01. Intro
02. Last Goodbye
03. Grace
04. All That I Ask
05. Lover, You Should've Come Over
06. Interview
Full Rar

Live on 99X Atlanta aka Atlanta Session, September 1994
01. Last Goodbye
02. So Real
03. Mojo Pin
04. Grace
05. Lover, You Should've Come Over
Full Rar

Ok, so it took so long to sort these from lossless, tag and rename them, then upload and post here that I'm not gonna say shit, I'm bushed!

Radiohead - On A Friday Demos

radiohead, on a friday, demo, bootleg

Radiohead, On A Friday demo tape, The Greatest Shindig, summer 1990

This tape is a collection of demos made over the summer of 1990. All the members were by this point at different Universities around the country, but reconvened over the summer, with the exception of Phil who was in Ireland. Although at this time the band did not have a settled name, having dropped On A Friday, but not come up with anything better. The band's working title was 'Shindig', which survived long enough for Thom to spray paint it on his acoustic guitar case, but by the time of their next 'proper' demo, they had reverted to On A Friday.

In order to keep recording and rehearsing a school friend who had recorded some previous demos for the band was drafted in to keep the drum stool warm. The Clifton Hampden tracks were recorded over a number of weeks with this line up, while Jonny took the four track home with him in between where him, Thom and Colin worked on tracks. When Phil returned the band recorded another demo track in rehearsal, 'What's That You See?', significant because it was the first time Jonny moved from keyboards to guitar. The song was the only one from this period that remained in the set up until just prior to the deal with Parlophone.

01. Climbing Up A Bloody Great Hill
02. Somebody
03. Mr. B
04. What's That You See?
05. Everyone Needs Someone To Hate
06. Upside Down
07. The Greatest Shindig
08. Give It Up
09. How Can You Be Sure?
10. Life With The Big F
11. Keep Strong
12. Rattlesnake
13. Burning Bush
14. Tell Me Bitch
15. New Generation

Talking Heads - Live at the Jabberwocky 1977

talking heads, jabberwocky, nyc, new york, 1977, live, bootleg

Talking Heads, live at the Jabberwocky Syracuse NY, 26th January 1977

One of the several highly Iconic bands from the mid-late '70's New York underground scene, Talking Heads are probably the most influential of the lot, and that's a big deal when you consider The Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie and Television. Sure Blondie were probably the biggest with the girls, The Ramones with the alt crowd, but for allover appeal no-one beats Bryne, Frantz, Weymouth and Harrison.

Performed as a late show on the 26th of January, this bootleg was broadcast on FM radio, and going by the opening intro track this is taken from the pre-broadcast tapes. Anyway, it's a great set from such a rich period in their history, enjoy!...and yes, that is the Troggs track to close the set!

01. Radio Intro
02. Love > Building On Fire
03. Uh Oh, Love Comes To Town
04. Don't Worry About The Government
05. Take Me To The River
06. The Book I Read
07. New Feeling
08. A Clean Break
09. Stay Hungry
10. Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
11. Pulled Up
12. No Cmopassion
13. Psycho Killer
14. I'm Not In Love
15. Love Is All Around

Also, visit for a very interesting look at what goes on in the world, and head, of Mr Byrne himself.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Live at the Warfield 1998 *updated links*

nick cave, bad seeds, live, concert, bootleg, mp3

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Warfield Theatre SA, 17th December 1998

This is a rather lovely bootleg from Nick and the band, with a good mix of songs from over their term as the Bad Seeds, many classics such as Stagger Lee, Mercy Seat, From Her To Eternity etc. etc. When playing the harder edged songs, such as the above mentioned Mercy Seat, the band and Nick himself deliver them with a passion belying a group of their age, it's good to hear a band who still love performing old songs they've played thousands of times before, and do so with such fire in their bellies.

Rear cover

01. Far From Me
02. Do You Love Me
03. Lime Tree Arbour
04. Red Right Hand
05. Tupelo
06. Brompton Oratory
07. I Let Love In
08. From Her To Eternity
09. West Country Girl
10. Mercy Seat
11. Weeping Song
12. Nobodys Baby Now
13. Into My Arms
14. Henry Lee
15. Where The Wild Roses Grow
16. Deanna
17. Plain Gold Ring
18. Stagger Lee
19. The Ship Song
20. Your Funeral...My Trial

Download samples, not included in Rar files
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Steve Malkmus and the Jicks, Seattle 2005

stephen malkmus, steve malkmus and the jicks, sonic boom records, seattle, 2005, live, concert, bootleg

Steve Malkmus and the Jicks, live at Sonic Boom Records Seattle, in-store free show, 24th May 2005

The image is actually from 2nd March, but the show's certainly from 24th May as it was direct from the taper alienbobz.

Stephen gained rightful acclaim fronting Pavement in the throughout the '90's, after which he started 'the Jicks', initially wanting to be called simply that, except his label had other thoughts on the matter, as they tend to do in such cases. So, Steve Malkmus released a Jicks album under his own name before officially using the moniker when he released (or should I say they?) Pig Lib in 2003.

The track Grace, I had some shit trying to find some info on it, but I now know it's unreleased, so have some of that mother lumpers! Enjoy ;-)

01. Intro
02. Freeze The Saints
03. No More Shoes
04. Malediction
05. Mama
06. It Kills
07. Grace (unreleased)


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Super Furry Animals, Dublin 2005

super furry animals, olympia theatre, dublin, concert, bootleg, mp3, 2005

Super Furry Animals, live at the Olympia Theatre Dublin, September 27th 2005

This show was recorded (excellently by Johnky, his bootleg list is available here) during the Love Kraft tour, and features mainly tracks from the album as well as Phantom Power and Rings Around The World releases. It opens with a touch of Gruffs humour (and Bunfs I assume, being the DJ of the band), as the theme to the Rocky movies blasts out as they take the stage, then later shows a bit of the same, though with a touch of rebellion, as Bill Hicks calls out "All governments are liars and murderers", not sure which show that's from, but I'm pretty certain it was a reaction to the Koresh/Waco incident.

A couple of small points about SFA.
1) They should be bigger than they are.
2) Why do these new bands get so much love for using (nu)rave in their music? SFA have done it for years, and to a much higher standard too. Stupid fads!

01. Intro
02. Intro - Rocky Theme
03. International Language Of Screaming
04. Hello Sunshine
05. Zoom
06. Atomic Lust
07. The Horn
08. Ohio Heat
09. Run Christian Run
10. Cloudberries
11. Frequency
12. Ice Hockey Hair
13. Recepticle For The Respectable
14. Slow Life
15. Slow Life cont.
16. Juxtaposed With U
17. Lazrerbeam
18. Rings Around The World
19. Do Or Die
20. Something For The Weekend
21. Drygioni
22. The Man Don't Give A Fuck
23. The Man Don't Give A Fuck cont.

Stone Roses - live at the Hacienda, Feb 1989

stone roses, hacienda, 1989, all the colours fade

Stone Roses, live at the Hacienda 27th February 1989, All The Colours Fade bootleg.

The first big hometown gig for the legendary Stone Roses, at the also legendary Hacienda Club in Manchester. The line-up, the songs, and the shit-hot band, they're all present and correct in this concert bootleg. Comprising mainly of tracks from their iconic debut album, the show fairly pings along as Reni, Mani, John and Ian are pretty much on the top of their game. Sally Cinnamon, later released by someone unscrupulous while court battles were raging between band and label, is a joy to hear, as are Here It Comes and Suger Spun Sister. I really can't 'big-up' this bootleg enough, just take it and see for yourself.

Made Of Stone
Sally Cinnamon


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R.E.M. Live in Toronto 2008

rem, live, concert, bootleg, toronto, 2008, johnny marr, mp3

R.E.M. live at the Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto Canada, June 8th 2008

Finally here's the gig I promised when I uploaded the Modest Mouse support slot, I've been having a life for a change, I beg forgiveness. This is a pretty good audience recording (thanks Midy for this and the MM), and has a well rounded set, though I'm sure there's a few songs all of us wish they played, but that goes with being a band of such longevity. I myself would've prefered more '80's, first half-a-dozen albums stuff, but then that's just me.

Anyway, here it is, enjoy!

01. Here It Is
02. Horse To Water
03. What's The Frequency Kenneth?
04. Drive
05. Man Sized Wreath
06. So Fast, So Numb
07. Ignoreland
08. Accelerate
09. 7 Chinese Brothers
10. Chat
11. Hollow Man
12. Bad Day
13. Houston
14. Electrolite
15. Living Well Is The Best Revenge
16. The One I Love
17. Final Straw
18. Until The Day Is Done
19. Let Me In
20. Begin The Begin
21. Animal
22. Orange Crush
23. Supernatural Superstar
24. Losing My Religion
25. Second Crossing
26. Fall On Me
27. Man ON The Moon (with Johnny Marr)

Friday, 13 June 2008

Modest Mouse - Live in Toronto June 2008

modest mouse, the smiths, rem, live, concert, bootleg, recording, 2008, toronto, mp3

Modest Mouse, Molson Amphitheatre Toronto, June 8th 2008

Here's the support set from the R.E.M gig (coming later) from the Issaquah WA band. I quite enjoyed their second album when I heard it, but in hindsight never really gave it enough of a whirl, not as much as it merits anyway. When I heard ex The Smiths guitarist, and one of my alltime guitar idols, Johnny Marr was playing with them a few years back my ears pricked up.

The story goes that Johnny was at a barbeque with a member of the band, they got chating and said they should work together sometime. A while later he gets the call, asking if he'd like to play a few shows with them. He run the idea past his son, a big Modest Mouse fan, who told him to do it, then promptly started to teach his dad the songs on guitar. I'm sure he plays them better than the little man now, but it must've been ace for him to be teaching Johnny how to play some stuff, and even better to see Modest Mouse from the side of the stage while his dad played.

01. Satin Coffin
02. Invisible
03. Dashboard
04. Here It Comes
05. Education
06. Truckers Atlas
07. Wlid Pack Of Family Dogs
08. Paper Thin Walls
09. King Rat
10. We've Got Everything Now
11. The Good Times Are Killing Me
12. Float On

I just noticed I mistyped on track 8. If you have a tagger prog you can fix it, if not....tough.

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Foo Fighters - Wembley June 2008 *updated links*

foo fighters, live, concert, bootleg, FM, bbc, soundboard, mp3, 2008

Foo Fighters, Wembley Stadium, June 6/7th 2008

These tracks are taken from a BBC radio broadcast on the 9th June, which mixed songs played on both nights of the Foo Fighters double-header at Wembley. The broadcast set contains songs from over their career, or should I say Daves as a Foo, due to the fact the 1st record was just him alone, before bringing in Nate to play with the live band, then later adding Hawkins then Shiflett to what is now a stable, and very damn tight, rock band.

When he first released an album under the Foo Fighters banner, he was naturally, and perhaps unfairly, compared to former Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain. While it's obvious enough that Kurt would've been an influence on Daves playing and writing styles, it was a bit tough for him to be immediately compared to such a seminal band.

For that first album, self titled, Daves writing couldn't hold a candle to that of his deceased friend, and overall the album was rather patchy, though it did contain some great songs, notably I'll Stick Around and Big Me. As the band has grown and released more and more albums, Daves writing, helped of course by the other members, has grown exponentially. So much so, that his brand of more positive sounding rock music I think would outsell (and probably does) that of Nirvana, due to it's accessability.

Anyway, I'm rambling...thanks to Miki for this, and sorry for ripping it to MP3!

01. Intro
02. The Pretender
03. Times Like These
04. Long Road To Ruin
05. Break Out
06. Skin And Bones
07. Big Me
08. My Hero
09. Everlong
10. Monkey Wrench
11. All My Life
12. D.O.A.
13. Best Of You

Rar 1
Rar 2

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Arcade Fire - BBC Radio 3, October 2004

arcade fire, live, bbc radio 3, session, performance, bootleg, mp3

Arcade Fire, BBC Radio 3 session, October 2nd 2004.

This session was broadcast six or seven weeks after the release of Arcade Fires outstanding debut album Funeral, which is generally regarded as the finest 'indie' album of that year. As well as tracks five, eight and ten from the album, the band played the as yet unreleased (though there were demos in circulation) No Cars Go, later to be recorded for the second long playing release Neon Bible, and their often played Talking Heads cover This Must Be The Place, a track which David Byrne joined them onstage for during a gig in NYC.

Despite the fact that Funeral was recorded while the many members were attending a few too many than's good for a chap (two grandparents and an aunt died), the feel of the album is generally uplifting, not that the album tracks here properly reflect this. That situation probably had alot to do with the amount of coverage they got initially, yes I am a cynic, but that only helped to bring a fantastic album, which would otherwise have gone relatively unnoticed to the average prole, into peoples conciousness. No bad thing at all.

01. No Cars Go
02. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)
03. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
04. In The Backseat
05. Haiti

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Jeff Buckley live at the Pacific Club 1994 *updated links*

jeff buckley, led zeppelin, live, concert, bootleg, antwerp, 1994, mp3

Jeff Buckley, Pacific Club Antwerp, Sept 21st 1994.

This fine show is one of my favourite of Jeff Buckleys bootlegged concerts, due to the fact he really shows his goofy, fun-loving mentality to its full. There are other shows like this about, but none to my knowledge which he plays so many 'covers' as he does here.

It'll come as no suprise that this show has an alias, a nom de plume, or some other phrase taken from some ancient European language, namely "Whole Lotta Led". I'm a little uncertain as to why this may be, okay so I'm not...Jeff was a big Zeppelin fan, having learned to play Physical Graffiti as a young lad (he recorded Night Flight during both his Sin-E and Grace sessions), and no doubt his request for a Gibson Les Paul was directly inspired by Jimmy Page having several. I don't think he ever modified his 'Black Beauty' as Jimmy did, unlike his friends Telecaster, which eventually made it home after many a year on the road with him.

The covers here that didn't usually appear are in fact only little blasts, snippets of the songs, some of which I'd have loved to have heard performed in full by Jeff with or without band. These are cool anyway...enjoy!

Disc 1
01. New Years Prayer
02. Celebration Day
03. Moby Dick
04. In My Time Of Dying
05. Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
06. Chocolate
07. Mojo Pin
08. Dream Brother
09. Talking (My Feet Are Too Big)
10. So Real
11. Last Goodbye
12. What Will You Say?
13. Lilac Wine
14. Grace
15. Hallelujah
16. Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin
17. Talking (Led Zeppelin Anonymous)
18. California Dreaming
19. Purple Haze
20. Eternal Life
21. Lover, You Should've Come Over
22. Encore Break
23. Kanga-Roo

Download samples, they're not in Rar files
Part 1
Part 2

Other Covers:
Celebration Day/Moby Dick/In My Time Of Dying - Led Zeppelin
Give It Up Or Turn It Lose - James Brown
California Dreaming - The Mamas And The Papas
Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix

Additional artwork:

*phew! after going through about 250 discs I found this again. Stupid library file dying with my old computer...*

Nine Black Alps - live at the Manchester Academy 2005 *updated links*

nine black alps, live, concert, bootleg, mp3, manchester, 2005

Nine Black Alps live in the City, Manchester Academy, October 3rd 2005.

Headliners of this concert above the Arctic Monkeys, Nine Black Alps (the name taken from a poem by notorious optimist Sylvia Plath) were the only of the bands broadcast on BBC radio 1 that actually had an album released at the time of the concert, as they released debut Everything Is in the previous June.

My personal favourite of the three bands who performed at the show, they've since released second LP Love/Hate, and subsequently been dropped by their label Island Records. I'll have to quote myself from one of the earlier posts now I'm afraid "Life eh?"

01. Intro
02. Over The Ocean
03. Just Friends
04. Cosmopolitan
05. Not Everyone
06. Get Your Guns
07. break
08. Unsatisfied
09. Llana Song
10. Southern Songs
11. Ironside
12. Shot Down

Download samples, they're not in Rar.
Alps Rar

iForward Russia! - Live at the Manchester Academy *updated links*

forwad russia, iforward russia!, live, concert, bootleg, mp3, manchester, 2005

iForward Russia! live in the City, Manchester Academy, October 3rd 2005.

At this point in Forward Russias career they had all of two releases to their names, the split 12" single, shared with This Et All, namely Nine, and the White Heat Records release Thirteen/Fourteen. As you may have already noticed, the more observant of you anyway, the track titles are names are numbers, in the early days together they simply named their songs in the order they were written.

They formed in Leeds 2004, The Black Helicopters Tom and Rob hooked up with brother and sister Katie and 'Whiskas' Nicholls. Unsurprisingly pimped by N.M.E early on, this alternative rock band have released two full length albums to some little success, much less than this fine band deserves, while the Monkeys/Doherty clones sell bucket loads. Life eh?

01. Intro
02. Thirteen
03. Seventeen
04. Twelve/Eighteen
05. Nine
06. Eleven

Download sample as well as Rar, it's not included.
Russia Rar

Arctic Monkeys - Live at the Manchester Academy 2005 *updated links*

arctic monkeys, mp3, live, concert, bootleg, manchester, 2005,

Arctic Monkeys at Live in the City, Manchester Academy, October 3rd 2005

Before they hit the bigtime but definitely not before the fabled hype, the Arctic Monkeys got some good coverage, notably this live concert performance broadcast by the BBC.

At this point the Arctic Monkeys had only EP releases to their credit, self released at that for the first, yet this setlist shows they had the tunes that would later become their record breaking debut. The show was rather like the N.M.E. gigs, get a bunch of up-and-comers, put them on a stage together, make some money from the kids. This shows what a good record label media push, oh I mean 'internet word of mouth' *coughs*, can do for a band, as they were below the Nine Black Alps on the bill yet they've sold billions more albums, okay, maybe I exagerate a tad, but you know what I'm saying...

01. Intro
02. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
03. Fake Tales Of San Francisco
04. Still Take You Home
05. Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But.../Dancing Shoes
06. Mardy Bum
07. Sun Goes Down

Download sample as well as Rar, it's not included.
Monkeys Rar

R.E.M. - live in Durham NC 1984

r.e.m., bootleg, concert, live

R.E.M. - We Are Having A Heavenly Time bootleg, Live at the Page Auditorium, September 26 1984

An excellent early set from the Athens band, but though this concert is soundboard sourced, it is sadly a tad out on the timing front, very noticably so at one point. Other than that this is a fine bootleg. As with the early albums Stipe's a little low in the mix on some tracks, but as it's the same on the releases it's no biggie. Including such classics as Rockville, So. Central Rain, Radio Free Europe and Driver 8 this is a must have for fans.

01. Seven Chinese Brothers
02. Catapault
03. Radio Free Europe
04. Khoetek
05. Letters Never Sent
06. So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)
07. Driver 8
08. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville
09. 1,000,000
10. Hyena
11. Old Man Kensey
12. Second Guessing

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Interpol - Live in Copenhagen 2004

interpol live concert bootleg copenhagen mp3s

Copenhagen Store Vega, Denmark
26. November 2004

Interpol are obviously a rather fine band, and although they're naturally compared to Joy Division, Paul Banks vocals are heavily reminiscent, and due to their dark imagery and rather bare instrumentalism, I do feel there's happy music just trying to step out of the gloom.

Say Hello To The Angels for starters, this tune has elements of traditional punk in it's simple driving rythmn, and of course echoes of The Clash. NARC and Obstacle 1, in fact many songs, have driving dance beats ala the Stone Roses and their peers, the later again has the offbeat rythmn guitar stabs of Reggae courtesy of The Clash, also echoed in the closed hi-hat hits on Length Of Love.

Essentially what I'm saying is this, despite the obvious love for the British music of the '70s and '80s, Interpol are really an upbeat '60s Garage band a couple of places removed. Just listen to those rythmns and try not to think of The Sonics, the Amboy Dukes, Bunker Hill, Count Five and a myriad of other primarily Chicago based bands you've probably never heard of, and tell me there's no root there. Of course we could take it further back, but why be quite so pedantic? I'm full of shit you say? Shut up and enjoy the gig fucko! ;-)

Next Exit
Say Hello To The Angels
Obstacle 1
Not Even Jail
Hands Away
Lenght Of Love
Slow Hands
Stella Was A Diver

Rar 1
Rar 2

*updated links*

Fileden deleted Rar files instead of the sample MP3s I uploaded. I'll replace part 1 ASAP.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Belle Orchestra - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 2005

belle orchestra live concert bootleg boston mp3s

Belle Orchestra, Museum of Fine Arts, 4th November 2005.

Led by the Arcade Fires multi-instrumentalist Richard Reed-Parry, this disperate band of various members of other bands frequenting the Montreal scene, have found some success in playing their contemporary brand of orchestral/chamber/folk music, mostly from the championing by, and support slots with, aforementioned Montreal scene leaders, but certainly not without having a certain merit of their own.

You might be lead to think that from the genres they cover in their music that maybe the music is a bit on the dour side, but this is far from the fact. Tunes like Quintet have violin refrains which echo the most jiving Irish jig, and are driven at times by beats reminiscent of the kind of north African music championed by the likes of Plant and Albarn. Piazolla has the kind of jazzy upright basslines that may be found on the finest of Bristols Trip-Hop classics. All-in-all, a cracking little show this.

The Upwards March
Recording A Tape...Typewriter Duet
As Seen Through Windows
Music Box Intro
7 Song
Organ Song

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Ben Folds - 1990 Demos

ben folds five mojasha 1990 demo recording bootleg

Ben Folds
1990 Demo Recordings
Greensboro, NC and Nashville, TN

Well, I think the title says it all really. Ben Folds pre-Five demo sessions, what totally fantastic songs they are too, I really cannot spout enough praise for their debut album. Uncle Walter, Jackson Cannery, Underground, simply fantastic writing and performance allround! From the non-album tracks Clueless is very much in his light hearted, taking a poke at someone manner, My Dog, co-written with Evan Olsen and not released until the Speed Graphic EP. Situation is a good example of his many songs that are based on anecdotes or actual events that have occured, in the vein of Stevens Last Night In Town, or at least that's how it seems. Burnings is very reminiscent of Zappas You Are What You Is material to me, Mudd Club, Charlies Enormous Mouth, and I'm not suprised it never made the final cut, it really doesn't fit amongst his other fine songs. All in all, a very cool and interesting demo recording indeed.

Best Imitation Of Myself
Uncle Walter
My Dog
Jackson Cannery
Tom & Mary
Half Asleep
Lydian Song
Sports And Wine
Where's Bohemia?
I Paid My Money


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Monday, 2 June 2008

Mountain Goats - Mercury, Austin, Sept. 27th 2003

soundboard mountain goats live concert bootleg austin mp3s

A rather nice soundboard from John Darnielle and Peter Hughes Mountain Goats, recorded during their tour between the All Hail West Texas and Tallahassee albums, featuring many songs from both studio recordings, as well as a rather lovely Hank Williams Jr classic cover.

01. Intro
02. Jenny
03. Source Decay
04. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams, Jr.)
05. Waco
06. Nine Black Poppies
07. Alpha In Tauris
08. You're In Maya
09. Southwood Plantation Road
10. Onions
11. The Young Thousands
12. Oceanographer's Choice
13. No Children
14. The Monkey Song
15. Quito
16. See America Right
17. Cubs In Five
18. Terror Song (Furniture Hushcle)
19. The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton
20. 2/3rds Jim's Head (The Baptist Generals)

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine (Jon brion version) *updated links*

fiona apple jon brion extraordinary machine demo bootleg

Everybody knows the story behind this album by miss Apple right? No? Ok, in a nutshell, she recorded these tracks, her label said they were shit and to go re-record them, she refused as she was very happy with them, and a stalemate ensued for a few years. Cue Apple fans sending all manner of apples and apple related products to aforementioned record company in a "Free Apple" campaign. She eventually capitulated and re-recorded. These files are the 'rejects'.

Better Version Of Me (alternate version)
Better Veriosn Of Me (Version 4)
Extraordinary Machine
Get Him Back
Not About Love
Oh Sailor
Please, Please, Please
Oh Well
Red, Red, Red
Used To Love Him

Found the files in my back-ups eventually folks!

Download samples, they're not in Zip...
Apple Brion

Primal Scream live at Shibuya

primal scream live in tokyo concert bootleg mp3s

A really fantastic set from Bobby Gillespie, Mani and the boys. Recorded at the Shibuya, Tokyo on the 16th March 2004, this show contains a great mix of classic Screamadelica along with a great deal of songs from their fantastic Exterminator album. Enjoy!

02-miss lucifer
04-shoot speed kill light
06-burning wheel
07-long life
08-kill all hippies
10-sick city
13-swastika eyes
14-movin on up

03-skull x
05-when the kingdom comes
06-born to lose


*updated links

Dinosaur Jr. - Biskuithalle, Bonn, 1988

dinosaur junior live concert bootleg germany mp3s

A very nice little set broadcast live on German radio station WDR2 on the 25th of October 1988, catching this fantastic band at the height of their powers playing awesome rock music.

1. The Lung
2. Kracked
3. Let It Ride
4. No Bones
5. Freak Scene
6. Tarpit
7. In A Jar
8. Yeah We Know
9. Sludgefeast

Jeff Buckley live at Stephen Talkhouse

Miami Beach, FL
December 4th 1994

A very typical early setlist for Jeff Buckley and his band, consisting as it does of all the Grace album tracks except Chorpus Christi Carol (a song rarely played, maybe uploaded in the future...) and the legendary Hallelujah, a less oft played song when first publicising the album.

01. So Real
02. Dream Brother
03. Last Goodbye
04. What Will You Say
05. Grace
06. Lilac Wine
07. Mojo Pin
08. Eternal Life
09. Lover, You Should've Come Over
10. encore
11. Vancouver
12. Kanga-roo

Thanks to Dolphinsmile and AintNoBody for this.

Jonathan Richman live in his livingroom


After the Lovers broke up Jonathan resumed playing solo. This recording brings us probably as close as we'll get to hearing what those shows sounded like. Don't be misled by the long list of song titles; while there are a number of great fully-formed songs, many of these are loose song sketches and snippets. The music helps fill in the gaps between 1973 Jonathan and post-1976 Jonathan; there are a number of songs (I'm Young in particular) that would've sounded great with the original Lovers, but the vintage cover selections and the more ambitious melodies of some of the originals help point the way to new musical adventures.

On the advice of the better-informed, I've given up trying to guess why this recording was made. It surfaced as an acetate, which is a kind of LP produced in very small quantities. The looseness of the performances and the production lend this a wonderfully intimate atmosphere (hence the "Living Room Demos" nickname).

There's an audience of two or three friends tops, Jonathan wanders from guitar to tambourine to acapella, repeating songs, extolling the virtues of playing solo and, at one point, asking someone take a telephone message for him.

Falling In Love Must Be Two Way
Touch Me If You Want To


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