Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Jeff Buckley - New York 1993

jeff buckley, live, forget her, audience, cbgbs, new york, 1993

Jeff Buckley, live at CBGB's, New York, 18th December 1993

Another installment of Buckley for you today, from the famous, and now defunct a'la Sin-E, CBGB's club in New York. This show is okay sounding, a little 'hot' in places, and Jeff isn't quite on it for all the tracks, but that aside it is a very good show, and stands out amongst the plethora of them out there due to the fact that this contains the only known version of Forget Her to have been taped at the bands shows, plus the lesser played CCC also. Enjoy!

01. Grace
02. Mojo Pin
03. Kast Goodbye
04. Lilac Wine
05. Forget Her
06. Lover, You Should've Come Over
07. Corpus Christi Carol
08. The Way Young Lovers Do
09. Eternal Life

Download samples, they're not included in Zip...
Buckley CBGBs


Anonymous said...

I love you for what you've done. What is your secret? Where do you get these?

Bucklberry said...

All over the net Anon, been collecting quite a few years now.

Roger said...

Hi there...Am desperately trying to find out if a recording exists from Jeffs show on 23 July 1993 at the Fez. I was at the show and would love to be able to find a copy. Can you help?

Anonymous said...

I love you too!! I'm one of JB's biggest fans, I have to say. You have soooo much great stuff - Clash, Bowie, Bjork, Pixies - it's amazing. Thank you so much

Hooligan said...

Great show. Also contains a never-to-be-performed-again snippet of the Cocteau Twins' Ivo. What a great talent Mr Buckley was. And great work you're doing putting these shows up here. Thanks.