Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Martha Wainwright - Manchester 2005

martha wainwright, live, audience, manchester, acadamy 3, 2005

Martha Wainwright, live at Acadamy 3, Manchester University, 8th May 2005

Martha, sister of the flambouyant Rufufs, and daughter of Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle, follows a more traditional route than her erstwhile sibling, sticking to a more folk based autobiographical music, no duobt influenced by her parents, Bloody Motherfuckin' Asshole, a song aimed at her father, is a fine example of this, and a really fine song too.

This show, performed on Martha's 29th birthday, was in support of her recently released self titled debut album. That said, she did release Ground Floor previous to this, but it was a limited run produced by herself (I think) and sold at her earliest shows. Anyway, this is a great set, a nice mix of the albumcovers, and older songs that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

01 Intro
02 I Will Internalize
03 When The Day Is Short
04 The Car Song
05 Far Away
06 Jimi (Takes So Much Time)
07 Ball & Chain
08 Unknown Song
09 You’ve Got A Way
10 Bloody Motherfuckin’ Asshole
11 Who Was I Kidding?
12 Baby
13 Tower Of Song (Leonard Cohen Cover)
14 This Life
15 Lost So Many Friends
16 Year Of The Dragon (Kate & Anne Mcgarrigle Cover)
17 Factory
18 I Was In The House When The House Burned Down (Warren Zevon cover)
19 Don’t Forget
20 Street Fightin’ Man (Rolling Stones Cover)
21 G.P.T.
22 Dis, Quand Reviendras-Tu?

Download samples, they're not included in Zip...
Martha Academy


L said...

I love Martha Wainwright. I'm sure I will enjoy it. I'm so grateful to you for posting this. Many thanks.

Julie said...

Track 8 is actually "Comin' tonight", from the last album.

Thank you very much for posting this recording... I used to be a Rufus and Martha Wainwright fanatic, and this makes me want to start collecting bootlegs again... :)