Saturday, 25 April 2009

Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers Outtakes

rolling stones, sticky fingers, alternate version, studio outtakes, 1970

The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers Alternate Version, Studio Outtakes, 1970

The title pretty much says it all, so simply enjoy!

01. Brown Sugar (Early vocal)
02. Sway (no overdubs)
03. Wild Horses (Acoustic mix, no overdubs)
04. (Good Time Woman (aka Tumblin' Dice, early version)
05. Silver Train (early version)
06. You Gotta Move (mono mix)
07. Bitch (Mono mix)
08. I Got The Blues (Monitor mono mix)
09. Sister Morphine (Basic stereo mix)
10. All Down The Line (Early rehearsal)
11. Travellin' Man (Outtake)
12. Potted Shrimp (Outtake)
13. Alladin Story (Outtake)
14. Leather Jacket (Outtake)
15. Keith and Mick - Wild Horses (Run through)
16. Wild Horses (Alternate Version)
17. Brown Sugar (Alternate guitar version)
18. Brown Sugar (Alternate mix)
19. Brown Sugar ((Mono single mix)

Download samples, they're not included in Zip...
Stones Fingers

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sean said...

Thanks for this - love all the outtakes

Anymore gems like this?