Sunday, 5 April 2009

Ugly Casanova - Portland 2001

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Ugly Casanova, live at the Blackbird Theater, Portland Oregon, 19th November 2001

Ugly Casanova are little known, though I'm sure many of you will know of their singer Isaac Brock's day job, the frontman for Modest Mouse. They released just one album on Sub Pop records, and though they have toured quite a bit (at the time of release and a few years later) there seems to be few bootlegs kicking about. Thankfully there are one or two, and this one is even a soundboard recording. Please do enjoy!

01 Barnacles
02 Cat Faces
03 Things I Don't Remember
04 Hotcha Girls
05 Pacifico (Sharpen Your Teeth)
06 Smoke Like Ribbons
07 Bee Sting
08 Parasites
09 Ice On The Sheets
10 Diggin' Snow

As ever, download samples, they're not in the Zip!
Casanova Blackbird

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this live show. I never knew they toured but love their only CD Sharpen Your Teeth. I still play this CD often it's one of my favorites. Includes great artwork.
Also Pall Jenkins from The Black Heart Procession is also on this CD.
I recommend The Black Heart Procession "2" CD.
Thanks again...I wish Ugly Casanova comes out w/ another CD.