Monday, 27 April 2009

R.E.M. - Boston 1983

rem, live, fm, paradise rock club, bosotn, 1983

R.E.M., live at the Paradise Rock Club, Boston, Massachusetts, 13th July 1983

A nice little FM broadcast of early R.E.M. for you today, well, it was rebroadcast actually, just for all those people who never knew them in 1983 to get their tapes out. I'm sure you'll enjoy!

01. Intro
02. Gardening At Night
03. 9-9
04. Happy Birthday >
05. Moral Kiosk
06. Laughing
07. Pilgrimage
08. Seven Chinese Brothers
09. Talk About The Passion
10. Wolves, Lower
11. Harborcoat
12. Sitting Still
13. Pretty Persuasion
14. Catapult
15. Just A Touch
16. West of The Fields >
17. Radio Free Europe
18. White Tornado
19. Ages Of You
20. We Walk
21. 1,000,000
22. (Station ID)
23. California Dreamin'
24. Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)

Download samples, they're not included in Zips...
REM Paradise 1
REM Paradise 2


Anonymous said...

Not only a great set, but the best sounding early R.E.M. show I've heard.


Anonymous said...

Amazing set thanky! Links to Radio Free Europe and Boxcars seem to be broken though :(

Bucklberry said...

Anon 2, I'm downloading Radio Free Europe now, will post again if there's an issue. If not it's fine, probably just a dodgy moment from Mediafire.