Saturday, 4 April 2009

Neko Case - Los Angeles 2000

neko case, live, audience, spaceland, los abgeles, 2000

Neko Case, live at Spaceland, Los Angeles, 10th March 2000

Neko made her name when she sang several songs on the New Pornographers album Mass Romantic before going solo, firstly with her band Her Boyfriends, before perhaps gaining a little more confidence and continuing comeletely under her own name. Though the Pornographers were an indie-pop style group, formed more to allow each member to gain a little from playing with each other more than anything, her own music is much more country than anything else. 2006 brought us her album Fox Confessor Brings The Flood, and with it many, many plaudits for her songwriting style. Anyway...this is rather younger than that as you've noticed, though I'm sure you'll enjoy it anyway.

01 tuning & banter
02 Set Out Running
03 Guided By Wire
04 Bowling Green
05 Stinging Velvet
06 Favorite
07 Whip The Blankets
08 South Tacoma Way
09 Rated X
10 Twist The Knife
11 Make Your Bed
12 Mood To Burn Bridges
13 Porchlight
14 Furnace Room Lullaby
15 Thrice All American
16 Bought And Sold
17 Fist City
18 No Need To Cry

Download samples, they're not in Zip...
Case Spaceland


L said...

I didn't even know she was doing solo work 9 years ago. Can't wait to hear this - thanks for posting. What an incredible blog you have; I'm thrilled to discover it.

Bucklberry said...

As if all your comments weren't sign enough L! :)

The Lodger said...

Thank you very much. Not that many old shows around, so this is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

hi - love your blog and thanks so much for sharing the music!

question though - i see people have had issues w/ some of the links, and i've been trying for several days, but am still having trouble with a few links in particular. any advice other than checking back every few days?

i can't bring myself to listen to these shows without filling in the missing pieces first & i'm starting to wonder if i'll ever be able to DL the one song apiece each show is missing (one Neko, R.E.M. and Jimi Hendrix)..

Thanks for your help!