Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Jason Molina live at Southgate House 2004

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Jason Molina solo, live at Southgate House, Newport KY, 18th Jan 2004

Jason's the leader of the Magnolia Electric Co., an alt/country band hailing from Ohio. This solo show is taken from the period between (or there abouts, the official name change date is hazy) his Ohia project, himself and a revolving band, and the official formation of MECo.

About half the tracks here are basically him working out the songs in a live setting, they were to become the basis of Nashville Moon and What Comes After The Blues, both recorded in 2005. Also, as far as my shallow research can tell me, the song With Blue Eyes Without Me is unreleased.

01 Farewell Transmission
02 Hold On Magnolia
03 The Dark Don't Hide It
04 With Blue Eyes Without Me (unreleased?)
05 Leave The City
06 Division Street Girl
07 I Can Not Have Seen The Light
08 Nashville Moon
09 Hard To Love A Man
10 Don't This Look Like The Dark

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