Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Rage Against The Machine - Lollapalooza 2008

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Rage Against The Machine, Lollapalooza Festival, Grant Park Chicago, 2nd August 2008

I don't think many people would read a write-up on RATM even if it was my most eloquent and witty one yet, so I shan't bother. I will say this though...Zack stopped the show several times as the crowd were going a bit mental and folk were getting rather crushed near the front of the stage, causing the security to come on and confer with the band at one point. It was reported someplaces as "RATM incite rioting" or something, but it's utter shit.

01 Testify
02 Bulls On Parade
03 People Of The Sun (cut short)
04 Zack's Plea
05 Bombtrack
06 Know Your Enemy
07 Zack & Security Plea
08 Bullet In The Head
09 Born Of A Broken Man
10 Guerilla Radio
11 Ashes In The Fall
12 Calm Like A Bomb
13 Sleep Now In The Fire
14 Wake Up
15 Crowd
16 Freedom
17 Killing In The Name

Rar 1
Rar 2
Rar 3


Roots said...

what's the quality?


Bucklberry said...

The reason I give sample is for people to find out just that before downloading the Zip/Rar files...not bad though if I recall.