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Sonic Youth - Live at TeatroTenda Strisce 1992

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Sonic Youth, live at Teatro Tenda Strisce, Rome, 26th November 1992

This show is taken from the period when alternative rock music was really taking the world by storm, and to those who knew what the 'genre' was all about, rather than just following the journalists lead, knew that Sonic Youth, who at this point had been around for around ten years already (the debut Confusion Is Sex was released 1983), were the real deal.

1992 saw the release of Dirty, the acclaimed follow-up to the equally acclaimed Goo (1990), and as such the tracks from both albums feature heavily in what is a really fantastic soundboard sourced set. I've got a bit of a stash of SBD Youth, and for some reason it's taken me this long to upload anything from them. Rest assured a few more will be posted in the coming weeks.

01 Shoot
02 100%
03 Kool Thing
04 Swimsuit Issue
05 Sugar Kane
06 Eric's Trip
07 Theresa's Sound-World
08 Dirty Boots
09 Brother James
10 Tom Violence
11 Drunken Butterfly
12 Schizophrenia
13 JC
14 Youth Against Fascism
15 Expressway

Download sample tracks as well as Rar file, they're not contained within.

Rar file


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