Sunday, 31 August 2008

Joy Division - Live in Eindhoven 1980

joy division, live, eindhoven, 1980

Joy Division, Effenaar Eindhoven, 18th January 1980

This is apparantly a soundboard source, and I'd go along with it, though it is a tad untidy, as audience recordings from the time are likely to be half this good if you're lucky! Sadly this bootleg (from a siver CD source) is missing a couple of tracks; Disorder should slot in at number eight, and Warsaw ended the set. I'm sure with some searching the full set could be found, as there are alot of different releases containing it, but for now here's what I have for you.

01 Love Will Tear Us Apart
02 Digital
03 New Dawn Fades
04 Colony
05 These Days
06 Living In The Ice Age
07 Dead Souls
08 Day Of The Lord
09 Auto Suggestion
10 Shadow Play
11 She's Lost Control
12 Transmission
13 Interzone
14 Atmosphere

Download sample tracks, they're not in Rar files.
Part 1
Part 2


anna said...

is that me or there's something wrong with the link for Part 2 [seems it does not exist at all]? could you check that, please?
no problem with downloading Part 1 and sample tracks, though.

Anonymous said...

I've got the same problem. No link to Part 2. D;

Anonymous said...

Aha! I have found the second part.

thanks again to Bucklberry for the upload! <3

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem;
a href-""

"-" For the loss.

Bucklberry said...

Nice spot Anon. There was a post where the link literaly vanished and I assumed this was one and the same, so I never came to look when I got the comments. Lucky for visitors that you came along :)